Bradley n Adair – Oh Darlin’

CD Review: Bradley n Adair – Oh Darlin’ 

by Joanna Demee for Country Music News International


Oh Darlin’ 2:39

Mommy Please Stay With Me 3:28

Send Me 2:42

Wicked Twisted Road 3:32

Apartment #9 2:38

The Log Train 2:23

Pick Me Up On Your Way Down 2:40

Singing Waterfall 3:29

Hold To God’s Unchanging Hand 2:22

Rockin’ Alone in an Old Rocking Chair 3:00

Dark days are coming, Christmas is on its way, everybody’s started decorating but I am still thinking that if I do it now, 1.5 month earlier, I will probably get bored of the decoration and relocate the whole furniture all-and-all over, as I usually do, until I find what matches my mind’s “feng shui”.

For today’s review we have another “Darlin’” title, but this time, from two other artists. Have you ever heard of Bluegrass?! Yeah, neither have I. If you have, you’re probably a US citizen, aren’t you? For those of us who don’t even have the slightest idea and therefore never heard of it before, it’s a sub-genre of country music, and Bradley n Adair are here to give us some taste of what bluegrass is, along with their mandolin.

Oh Darling,

She still does what she loves and dress the way she dress, and wonders why her darlin’ doesn’t care about her anymore. Well, to all the people that wonder the same about their own darlin’, just ask the ‘person of interest’, because you’re not going to get the answer you desire from the many.

Mommy Please Stay Home With Me

I get the point though (at least I think), even if it was expressed with a harsh way, the need of sometimes to sacrificing some moments for the greater good, are necessary. I like the melody, but the lyrics are sad, if I didn’t speak English, I would think it was just talking about a chill day on Sunday. This is a cover song, original is by Eddy Arnold.

The Log Train

The intro starts by explaining a story about her father that every day he was taking the log train, probably because he worked there. This song is a cover of the original “the old log train” by Hank Williams. Both versions are amazing and worth your time to listen to them.


In general, this album is based on cover songs, which gives those opportunity for these songs to be renewed. The strings from the instruments accompany Bradley and Adair, I find this album, to have given a fresh voice and another chance for the old songs to be heard and sung. The choice of the songs was based on sad feelings and thus for most of them the ending is as such. If you’ve never heard of bluegrass genre before, this is the chance to search it and give it a go.



Reporting for the Country Music News International


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