CD Review: BOBBY DARREN – Where The Good Times Go


Where The Good Times Go

I’ll Just Turn And Walk Away – Angel First Class –
Ghost Riders In The Sky – Where The Tall Grass Grows – Where Does The
Good Times Go – Country Rosies – Between You And Me – Hanging My Heart
Out On The Line – Nashville Bum – Send A Message To My Heart – I Think –
You’re Still The World To Me – Only Johnny Howard

After just writing a long story for Country Music News in
America, and the Country Music News International in Europe, I decided
to pick out two of my favorite ‘country’ sounds, traditional and
classic.  Bobby Darren is the ‘pick’ for tradition, and Allen Karl and
Donna Cunningham are the pick for classic. Bobby Darren first. 
Wisconsin’s Bobby Darren is without a doubt  the best traditional
country music artist and performer in the upper Midwest.  I really like
the fiddle right off the bat on the very first song on this remarkable
musical experience.  It’s also a loaded ‘family’ event.  It’s not just
Bobby Darren doing all the songs, there are also songs by Bobby Darren
Jr., Sheila Marie, Bobby Jr. and Sheila as a duet.  All that is really
great, but it’s Bobby Darren himself that brings the magic back to the
music, not only with his incredibly unique and very country voice, but
his remarkable guitar picking, who some say he plays upside down and
backwards.  I don’t care how he picks, he knows the sound he is looking
for, and he finds it whether it be in the studio or on the concert
stage.  “Ghost Rider’s In The Sky” is a perfect example of the ‘sound’
he’s looking for.  A little faster than normal, but the guitar picking
is perfect, how can it get any better.  I also really like the
‘responding’ steel guitar, a perfect blend.  This is the ‘guttiest’
version of this song I’ve heard, and believe me I’ve heard plenty.  Put
this one in slot number one.  The first six songs on this unique country
album is vocals by Bobby.  His voice is just right in the ‘mix’ done
I’m sure by Johnny Howard and Ron Noffke, but I’m also sure Bobby is
right there in the mix-down making sure the voice is ‘covered’ by to
much ‘other’ sounds, much like today’s country music is done.  Bobby
Darren won’t stand down for today’s country music.  He continues to
record and perform the very best of the early traditional country music
sound, and we’ll go a long long way trying to find someone who does it
better, cause that isn’t going to be the case.  Bluebill Music is the
source of the recording label for this remarkable work, and I’m sure,
mostly because of Bobby Darren’s incredible country voice and picking. 
His son Bobby Junior, and Sheila Marie both turn in some supurb songs. I
especially like the opening on Sheila Marie’s “Hanging My Heart Out On
The Line.”  Terrific fiddle, which we also hear again doing the lead.  I
got a little confused at the end of the song list, not able to hear
“Only Johnny Howard” but it has to be as good as anything else done on
this CD.  Bobby Darren has already won some CD of the Year awards from
the Rural Roots Music Commission, and since there is no ‘time’
limitations as when the albums were recorded, I’m submitting this one to
them right away.  What a super ‘traditional’ country music listening

RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President, National Traditional Country Music Assn., for Country Music News International

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