CD Review: Anne & Terri Avery – Playing Music With Our Friends


Playing Music With Our Friends

On The Road Again – Somewhere Between – Tom
Dooley – Back Home Again – Could I Have This Dance – Bye Bye Love –
Green Green Grass Of Home – Out Of Our Minds -Great Speckled Bird – I’ll
Hold You In My Heart – Lovers Hill – Let The Rest Of The World Go By –
Me And Bobbie McGee – Storms Never Last – Til Each Tear Becomes A Rose

This is a perfect album of old-time traditional
country music.  Annie and Terri Avery are mother and daughter in law. 
Annie was Terri’s guitar teacher when she was 10 years old so they have
been making music together for many years.  They are the ‘perfect’ rural
country music artists.  Whenever and wherever there is a need for their
musical talent, they comply.  It’s obvious to me that these two lovely
women have been sharing their gift of music for such a long period of
time, simply because of the ‘love’ that emanates from their
performances.  This is the ‘real’ deal, and it’s also the very reason
country music even began all those many years ago in the Appalachian
Mountains.  Both Terri and Annie carry this tradition on with that same
respect and same methodology of performing.  ‘Sharing’ is their own
personification of the music itself.  Don Taft has played bass with them
in Texas and at music festivals in the Midwest for many years.  They
enjoy making music with their friends at festivals, jams, camping and
around the kitchen table, just as it should be.  There’s some other
really gifted musicians on this recording.  Roger & Sharon Kenaston,
two of our very ‘real country’ best musicians in the entire upper
Midwest, join Annie and Terri on this delightful expedition into what
country music really is all about.  Roger plays the Dobro in his own
very distinctive style, it’s all his, no one can do it as well,
anywhere.  Sharon, his wife, plays upright bass on some songs and does
harmony singing, exactly as she does wherever she goes.  She’s a
remarkable ‘country’ woman, and recorded, mixed and mastered this
delightful listening experience, just the way it should be.  And of
course, just as it should be, this is a World Famous recording.  Annie
is an astonishingly good acoustic guitarist and vocalist.  I used to kid
her by calling her ‘ragtime Annie’ and I believe she sometimes does a
‘rag’ but not too often.  This list of songs is a wonderful opening door
experience that has never heard these songs done in the way it was done
in our upper Midwest when the prairie was still huge and the wagons
still ruled the road.  They hold their own even today, some of the most
popular songs in country music done very very well by two ladies that
love the songs just as they love their listeners and friends, especially
those that play music with them.  Jay Lavelle joined on vocals and
rhythm guitar, Terri also plays rhythm guitar, and Bob Johnson is on
fiddle, heard best on “Out Of Minds.”  I loved Annie and Terri’s version
of the Everly Brothers “Bye Bye Love” it must surely be much like how
their father Ike Everly originally done the song.  Super.   Even though
she is in her senior years, Annie’s voice comes through loud and clear,
and she does a remarkable and sincere version of “Green Green Grass of
Home.”  What a lucky person I am to have known this lovely lady, and her
daughter-in-law that keeps her on the right side of the street.  Thank
you Annie for the lovely ‘treat.’  Many of my readers are familiar with
Annie Avery, I would certainly urge you to get this CD and ‘listen’ to a
very determined and lovely country singer place memories in your
pocket. will take you to the ordering page.  Or
simply call them, but whatever you do, you need to get a copy of this
delightful recording 641-853-2495

RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President, National Traditional Country Music Association for Country Music News International

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