CD Review: ANDREA ZONN – Rise

The Album “Rise” consists of 10 songs:
Another Side of Home – No Reason To Feel
Good – Crazy If You Let It – I Can’t Talk About It Now – Let Them Go – Where
The Water Meets The Sky = Rise – Another Swing Another Miss – You Make Me Whole
– Ships
Andrea Zonn is extremely talented and
puts her all in being a Recording Artist, Song Writer and Violinist.  She has completely different styles of music
in this second album “Rise” and is very fluent with these musical genres.  It has a touch of folk, Celtic, jazz and
country music in it and it works pretty well. 
She also has a great ability to adapt her voice to sing brilliantly in
any genre and get you emotionally attached to the songs.  The lyrics have moved me like no other. 
Ms. Zonn wrote the songs herself in collaboration
with some of the finer songwriters of all time like Peter Cooper, Kim Richey,
Thom Jutz and Bill Lloyd.  They are encouraging
and inspiring listeners to be hopeful.  
Melodies are uplifting and beautiful. 
These are the type of songs that put a smile on your face no matter how
you feel.   The musicians played
beautifully.  To hear her play the violin
and to listen to country star Trace Adkins’ bass is a pleasure in music.  Andrea Zonn’s voice gives my ears a treat. 
 “Rise”, the title track
is a moving and inspiring collection of songs and it’s deeply personal. Challenging
moments get us down sometimes and making it through the hard times in life is
not always as easy as clichés make it sound. 
The sky gets dark, the wind picks up and fear sets in.  It tells about
finding a safe place where you
can face what you’re dealing with head-on, rise above the storms in life and
keeping the faith intact.  The album “Rise”
will take you on a journey through music. 
Andrea sings, “I keep spinning with the seasons.  I keep singing ‘bout the good old days.  I don’t need any reason, don’t need no reason
to feel good.”  It tells how her life is
unfolding.  “Crazy If You Let It” tells
about going through tough times and facing two choices, whether to shroud
oneself or move forward with joy.  Life
has its ups and downs and when the going gets tough, we need one another.  “I Can’t Talk About It Now” gives the wisdom
of the importance of our presence and the way to love our family and friends
through tough times.  Sitting with them,
listening and not rushing them through their pain can really help.  Bottom line is to love them selflessly and
support them unconditionally.  In the
song “Rise”, Andrea continues to sing, “Child, don’t you worry, it’s out of
your hands.  We all have trials we’re not
meant to understand.  Still we rise,
rise, rise.”  It’s so beautiful how Andrea
Zonn puts her soul in her singing.  Her
entire album has an amazing and inspiring message of having the faith in
dealing and rising above the storms of life and living victoriously. She knows
how to take you into an adventure with her music.  Andrea Zoon is supported by famous guests
James Taylor, Vince Gill, Keb’ Mo’, Mac
McAnally and Trace Adkins in this album. Her music is indeed worthy of close
Country Music News International 

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