CD Review: ACES AND EIGHTS – The Heart of Country Music


The Heart of Country Music
Heart of Country Music – Cattle Call – Wedding Vows – Across The Great
Divide – Same Old Fool – The Waltz of the Angels – Romper Room Rodeo
Cowboy – Landslide – My Best Years – The Man Who Comes Around – Dear
Child – Two Coats

and Eights from South Dakota are without a doubt one of the most
interesting ‘true’ country artists I’ve had the real pleasure of
listening to in a long long time.  I remember well the first album they
sent me to see what I thought of what they were doing, and I was
astounded that there are voices and instrument players (a duet they
are) that still produce such a warm relevant musical project with such
interesting and beautiful co-produced melodies, original songs, with
such an original approach to some classic country songs.  You will agree
with me once you hear ‘Cattle Call.”  That incredible yodel and then
the harmony approach to it is absolutely devastating to an ear who
really appreciates it, simply because one hears it so rarely today. It’s
the first song on this lovely CD “The Heart of Country Music” a
self-penned song that really nails what it is to be country. 
Introducing the word ‘deplorable’ would be an absolute insult to this
incredibly well written and simply created work of art.  Believe it or
not, grandma and grandpa are still alive and well in this super neat
‘true’ country song.  This whole album is pretty much a super neat
‘true’ country musical production.  These folks are young, and I’m sure
they consider their music ‘Americana’ but for me, an old timer that has
experienced the music for a long long time KNOW it is ‘real’ country no
matter what you call it.  Kim Bachman stands beside Lacy J. Dalton, not
only in talent, but in her dedicated country sound, not to be ashamed,
but to be proud of her work.  The word ‘deplorable’ just flew out the
window, sorry about that liberals.  She’s a gifted musician playing
guitar, mandolin, and banjo, and her partner Harland Allen has the
vocals that instantly attract a ‘real’ country music lover.  He’s also a
very gifted guitarist.  One song in particular stood out for me,
especially with Kim’s voice.  I met Kate Wolf once many years ago in San
Francisco.  She wrote the song “Across The Great Divide” and Kim has
presented her version of this song just the way Kate would have liked it
I’m sure.  Nicely recorded, and certainly well packaged.  Love it! 
We’re so lucky to have Aces & Eights in concert at the Oak Tree
Concert Hall in Anita, Iowa, May 26, 2017.  What a treat to hear them in
person.  I surely hope they will perform “Cattle Call” and yes, “Across
The Great Divide” and of course, “The Heart of Country Music.”  That
song however will become one they will get tired of performing, simply
because it says the words all ‘true’ country fans want to say and hear. 
I believe that’s why I like ‘country’ in general.  Country folks tend
to grow good crops, good kids, and good ideals and let those who pursue
music do their thing, and love every minute of it.  Thank you Aces and
Eights, looking forward to seeing and hearing you May 26th.  I know
there is a huge number of Europeans who read this review through Country
Music News International.  If you want to come to the concert simply
show your passport at the door and you get in free.  Off it goes to the
Rural Roots Music Commission for their listen.  I already know they will
be delighted.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART – President, National Traditional Country Music Association for Country Music News International

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