CD release Party / Flat River Band “High Roller”


New High Roller CD from Flat River Band is worth the gamble.
Official CD release date: April 7, 2011
Release Party: The Listening Room 
Time: 6 pm-7:30 pm 
Address: 209 10th Ave S # 200, (Cummins Station), Nashville, TN 37203-4124
Telephone: (615) 259-3600
 Here is your chance to join the High Rollers with Flat River Band, April 7, 6 to 7:30 pm, at The Listening Room, 209 10th Avenue, Suite #200, Cummins Station, Nashville, TN. for the release of the band’s second CD, High Roller. 
Hard times have historically provided the fuel for lasting, memorable music.The folk songs of the Great Depression still ring with the dust and grit of the era, giving voice to the desperation and challenges of the 1930s.Eighty years later, we find ourselves once again in precarious times, filled with natural disasters, man-made blunders, financial despair, and human misery.Enter the highly-anticipated second CD project, High Roller from Flat River Band, one of the area’s hardest working live performance groups.Featuring ten original compositions by guitarist Chad Sitze, High Roller presents an accomplished selection of timely songs dealing with subjects ranging from love and family to anticipation and regrets.The songs are textured, accomplished, finely-crafted, and high-energy, reflecting the real-world experiences of this seasoned group of working musicians.Recorded over the last year that has seen Nashville suffer everything from devastating floods to destructive tornadoes to one of the most severe winters on record, High Roller provides a lasting snap-shot of lives and emotions in 2011.With brothers Andy Sitze on bass, Dennijo Sitze on lead guitar and mandolin, and Chad Sitze on guitar, plus Tom Tobia on drums and percussion, the band has also added new instruments and players to their second CD, including trumpet, sax, keyboards, and even accordion, utilizing the extraordinary talents of some of the town’s most accomplished session players. Building on the tried-and-true elements of country and bluegrass that form the backbone of Flat River Band, these new instruments add a bit of sparkle and surprise to the mix. Still featuring the by-now signature three-part harmonies that can only be honed by a lifetime of singing with siblings, their latest CD faithfully captures the dynamic vocals the band members have become known for in their journeymen series of live performances across the nation. Often described as a cross between The BeeGees, Alabama and The Everly Brothers, Flat River Band has earned the support of their dedicated fans with hundreds of live concerts, showcasing their voices and musicianship.  The challenge has always been that of trying to capture the energy and explosive emotions of their live shows in the controlled environment of today’s digital recording studios, where electronic tricks and tools can sonically turn any pig’s ear into a silk purse.
 The only thing added to High Roller is the opening sound of living crickets, captured on the front porch for the introduction to the CD’s closing song, The Light of Day.The first single, I’m Alright, I’m OK, an upbeat song about finding optimism in the face of hard times, is currently being presented to radio and other media outlets. More singles will follow in the upcoming months.
The public is invited to share the listening debut of High Roller with the band and friends at The Listening Room, one of the area’s finest performance halls, (209 10th Avenue, Suite #200, Cummins Station, Nashville, TN) April 7,  6 – 7:30 pm.
Take a chance with Flat River Band.  Join the High Rollers.
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