Living the Dream

Talk Back Trembling Lips – A
Bottle of Wine and Patsy Cline – I Been To Georgia On A Fast Train –
Gone For Good – I Lie When I Drink – Rebel Soldier – Lovin’ Arms – I
Would Crawl All The Way To The River – Their Music Still Lives On – You
Are The One – You Belong To Me – The Promise


What an exciting experience to hear a new album
from one of the best ‘real’ traditional country music groups going right
now in America.  Patsy Godley is an amazing performer, a singer of
country music that comes right to the door step of the famous Patsy
Cline.  Matter of fact, one of my favorite songs on this new CD is “A
Bottle of Wine and Patsy Cline.”  It is so apparent today that country
music radio and their charts have abandoned what country music really
is.  What’s fortunate for us is this band and lead vocalist from
Virginia who are keeping it not only alive, but providing the ‘real
deal’ for anyone who ever listened to or liked ‘real’ country music. 
Patsy and the Country Classics took the Rural Roots Music Commission’s
“Traditional Country CD of the Year” in 2014, and very deservedly so. 
Their appearance at the country music festival in Fremont, Nebraska, at
the Christensen Field House, to accept the award was a phenomenal
experience for every country music fan in attendance at that occasion. 
We have never received so much ‘positive’ reaction to a country group in
the 40 years we’ve been doing traditional and classic country music
events.  Patsy Godley is the centerpiece of this group, her remarkable
voice and stage presence is that of a superstar.  However she shares
everything with her band.  They get tremendous respect from her, and she
also shares her CD projects with other members of the band who are also
great country singers., as well as players, including her husband
Callis who is a super singer.  That’s what makes this woman and the
band, so professional, and so likeable.  And, her band is super.  They
are all tremendously good players, and when we listen to them, we can
tell they enjoy performing together.  The same musicians that travels
with Patsy, are the same musicians that back her in the recording
studio, and that too is another incredible ‘positive’ for this group. 
Bobby Edenton is the steel player, and he sort of glues the music
together so that it stays country.  He’s also a very good vocalist. 
Billy Rupprecht is the keyboardist, and adds the ‘just right’ keyboard
sound when it sounds best, and also lays good background chording
throughout, a tremendous musician.  Donald Hockaday is the bass player
and bass singer on the harmony parts.  Michael Hockaday is the drummer
that also stands out as a tremendously good lead singer on this album. 
Jeff Wadford is on lead guitar, and his exciting electric sound goes all
the way back to Ernest Tubb, with the same exciting riffs and runs
we’ve heard through the years in country music, but not overdone.  A
total experience to be sure.  Patsy just won the Ms. Senior America
title in 2014, with beauty, poise, and without a doubt talent. She sang a
song at that competition that was pure and simple and excellent
country.  Patsy Godley  and the Country Classics is a winner, no matter
how you look at it.  Off this one goes for the 2015 Rural Roots Music
Awards.  Not sure if the group can make the trip all the way back to
Nebraska, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be the first ones asked.


for Country Music News International Magazine 

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