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CD: The New Black 7 – Hangovers and Heartbreak

New Black 7 – Hangovers and Heartbreak

All Over Me – That Don’t Sound Like Country – Closing Time –
Fly Me To Freedom – Outlaw – Can’t Go Home – Kickstart My
Heart – Fly Me To Freedom (Acoustic)
New Black 7’s newest album is a real ass kickin’ gem in which the
Southern quartet displays the perfect mix between Country and
Hard-rock, this ambivalence being also well reflected by the LP’s
title “Hangovers and Heartbreak”.
lot of fun and nerves is to be found here, for instance within a song
such as “That Don’t Sound Like Country” originally done to cock
a snook at a DJ who told the band’s members they were not country
enough on their first CD. Also to be noticed, the funny “Closing
Time”, deploring the fact that bars close too early on Friday
by well-known French sound engineer Cedrick Courtois, the LP also
features a few great names such as legendary percussionist Jackie
Bertone (The Beach Boys, Tower of Power…).
the catchiest song of the LP, “Kickstart My Heart” begins with a
smart introduction of roaring motor noises made on guitars (recalls
of Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild”) and makes you want to hit
the road at full speed on a Harley!
the tradition of hard-rock bands, these guys can get in a sentimental
mood sometimes (“Fly Me to Freedom”) and the feeling to be away
from home or in constant wandering is quite anchored into “Hangovers
and Heartbreak”.
fact, if one country laws are to be enforced, Country Music laws are
not ruled by anything but love, what is clearly meant in a song such
as “Outlaw” which means being out of love indeed.
information on the New Black 7’s official website:
Betbèze, for Country Music News International

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