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           Livewire is a Band , that has six pearsons, that do an excellent sound!
           His songs, tell us about real life, They dont write or sing
songs to dream, but to listen and understand what is
           They FOUND sucess at the radio in USA and Europe…his vídeos
have received AirPlay on CMT , the Country Network and Yallwire.
           They do performance in clubes, venues  in almost state across
América. A bad short time happen in his life, but after it Return with a
great  energy and  maturity!
           Livin has ten. musics. The musicians to you know Who do this wonderfull sound!

            Bob de Gonia-guitarrist, harmony vocalist .
            Andy Eustler, acoustic guitar.
            Danny Bell, harmony vocalist.
            Cory Schultz,hRmony vocalist.
            Bassist, Lamdon Rolf.
            Drummer, Brad Allen.
                   This is the team that we go listen and do this review!
1)Dont nothing take my breathe.Strong kind of music! You fell since the
first music Who They can do with his songs….guitars Very Well
….drums ok, and a great music.

2)Dont make me love You. Excellent rithimic,voices Very Good , They has a
way inside the music, They keep the control of the music all the
time.Know how to explore his own possibilities in the music.But They do
things happen…You can fell … You like the way They do the things!

3)Livin-The Title of the CD, a sound  Very Well done,with a touch of fellings, like to PRAY to…Livin!
Guitars in perfect  harmony…we understand each word that the singer say…prrfect emission of the voice!

4)Better-Excellent one! In the same line …give us , emotion…know how
 use emotion to pass. it for us! Go inside the heart.Voices and guitars
Is the top of this music!

5)whysky Sunday. A Cowboy song , like Cowboy songs…Good !

6)I ll go to prision. The voice is all Country…Strong and with a lot
of energy….maybe to Dont go to prision! We see how dificult is give to
our listerners…in the case, the Band…pass. all emotion and try to
give to anyone that listen, fell what They want….Livewire do that ,
They go to the point!

7)History.Imagine You on a horse…slowly and sayng  to himself ,his own
fellings…great music!. the Band say about  life, things that happen ,
but have a excellent way to do,that!
   Voices, drums,guitars in a mix that results  in a great music! what a guitar sound!!!

8)Lies.  Live, do a Good performance, continue with his line, has
security when sings. Do the rigth thing in the rigth time.Again, what.

9) What makes   You a man. Say about life, about be a man, family, and all in Country Style.
Not Very Good like others, but guitar solo is Very Good!Is a positive point of this music.

10) Gone. the last music follow all the line of the CD ,Good to listen.
This CD was ready in the fall of 2012. next show of the
Band…12/21/2013, West Silvam Spring Cherokee…..hurry! You have time
to go!

   Well ,we  are in the road again! Livewere…the life is intersting..a
simple letter make toooo much diference! I think Somebody know what is
that ….maybe from German…Who knows?
  Remember …no fear! lets go to Country World!
    We hope that You like !
    RR(Regina and Ronaldo) from Brasil to CMNI! See You!

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