CD: Kayleigh Leith – This Woman

Kayleigh Leith – This Woman

1. Born
Ready 2. Feelin`Bout You 3. Feels Like Letting Go 4. I Go There

This Woman 6. My Heart Goes Back 7. Too Much Of A Good Thing
Be Here All Night 9. Acre Of Diamonds 10. Bet You
Leith was raised in Pittsburgh, started her journey in Pennsylvania,
went to Las Vegas, went on to New York and ended up in a little
village in Holland, because she followed the love of her life. She
lives by the motto „Everything happens for a reason”, and maybe
her big dreams will come true one day. Even in bad times, she thought
positive and a few of her best songs were written in those days.
Leith has her own kind of style, that rock. She has a strongly
opinion, in what she wants to do and were she wants to be in country
music and that distinguish her from a lot of others artist. She is
small, smart, and very cute and she has very important things to say.
That is what she does in all her lyric, she gets to the point with
every single story she is singing. Lot of dynamite, with a good
portion of rock in her beautiful voice, makes the songs sell them
self. Kayleigh Leith, the young woman, that didn´t changed, because
people told her so. She remains true to herself and that is what
people like about here, and the music she creates. The CD “This
Woman” was released in September 2013.
Review „This Woman“
1 – Born Ready
is about what her mother told, that she was born ready, three weeks
early, but complete. – Good sound, it rocks, distinct predication in
the song, groovy,
2 –Feelin`Bout You
is about a runaway girl and her feelings to a guy. – Interesting,
good job, smooth rock in good harmony with the story
3 – Feels Like Letting Go
is about a town, she lives in and the feelings about saying goodbye
to that town. – Going smoothly, youthful dreaming, very good sound,
unbelievable vibration in the voice, beautiful song – good advice –
listen to it, odds on favorite

4 – I Go There
out with a friend, having fun and thoughts about someone she loves. –
Beautiful song, invites you to reflect, good sound,
5 – This Woman
midnight Promises of a woman that needs more than that, she needs
someone to love her. – Song with a high recognition value, good
impression, effective, it rocks
6 – My Heart Goes Back
somewhere at a station, feeling the touch and love of a man, and
memories flash by from the past. – vocalize with a lot of emotion,
complex tonal sound, very much to advice
7 – Too Much Of A Good Thing
about feelings, that they never been enough. – Potential song for the
charts, sexy sound, fluently passage to the different emotions &
feelings, she certainly understood to deliver the emotions in this
8 – Be Here All Night
is about people talking and the distrust of a man to a woman, after
so many years, he still checking on her. – Beautiful sound, with a
lot of ups and downs, in the outflow – like a good wine
9 – Acre Of Diamonds
man gives a woman everything she wants, but she dreams about another
man. – Significant, great sound, good story, it rocks
10 – Bet You
woman wants a man to remember, that she was hurt by him, he fooled
her, she got sick about him and don´t want him to come back. -It
rocks, cool, great sound, approximated
Cd rocks, it is full of pop, blues & rock, with a lot of passion.
It is wrapped in a good sound on a high standard. Multifaceted in the
pitch of the voice, it is a pleasure to listen to her.
by Gaby Agrikola for Country Music News International

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