CD: IRMA YOUNG God Took A Chance On Me


God Took A Chance On Me


God Took A Chance on Me – Holy
Wind – The Latter Rain – Broken Pieces – I Know He Is Jehovah – All
Heaven Knows – You Can’t Play Hide And Seek With God – Holy Hands – I Am
A Messenger – Sprintime In Heaven – Jesus Lit My Candle – Lord God
Almighty – The Stone Was Rolled Away
After a long weekend of hard work, emcee work, cleaning the
theater work, promotion work, cleaning up after the rain work, and all
such stuff, it was a wonderful experience for me to sit down, relax, and
listen to some super terrific gospel music.  Old time gospel music,
just the way I like it.  Irma Young is not a ‘young’ artist.  She has
had a few years to make up her mind what kind of music she wants to
sing, as well as write.  Every one of these wonderfully inspiring songs
was written by Irma.  The first two are nice up-tempo songs, you can’t
help tapping your foot, that’s bound to happen, but more importantly,
she writes and sings about things to ‘uplift’ the listener.  Great
musicians helped her in the studio, don’t know who they are, but they
are darn good.  It’s her words that are especially appreciated, she
speaks out about her relationship with Jesus Christ.  She doesn’t mince
words, she says it exactly as it should be said.  She says she is a
‘messenger, a child of the holy seed.’  She means it, she’s here to let
you know what the Christian experience is all about, and I’m with her
one hundred percent.  We don’t get this kind of ‘honesty’ in music much
anymore, but here’s the big ‘catch.’  Irma is not only a terrific
writer, she’s also a terrific vocalist.  She worked with a good studio,
they knew how to handle her voice, how to mix the final draft to keep
her voice as the center post to what she records. Not sure where Irma is
these days, or if she is even able to make the trip to LeMars, but this
CD is definitely going to the Rural Roots Music Commission for
“Traditional Country Gospel CD of the Year.”  I don’t believe I’ve
listened to anyone in recent years that would be more deserving of this
Irma is at for communication purposes.
Review by Bob Everhart, Pres. NTCMA
for Country Music News International

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