CD: Infamous Stringdusters – Let it Go

it Go
Get Away 4:09 Where the River Runs Cold 3:16Winds of Change 4:50
Rainbows 2:58
Camp 3:32 Middle Fork 3:51By My Side 3:31Colorado 3:29Peace of Mind
& Love 3:57 Let it Go 2:25
I haven’t had much time lately. I wound up in the mix of releasing
a book, doing some readings, trying to figure out what I am going to
teach for a writing fellowship, critiquing short stories, getting
prepped for an important conference, publishing some things for the
Florida State Poets Association and attempting to build a publishing
company. And, I don’t even really work.
one I completely chose by the name. I looked down my list and this
band sounded like the mellowest Americana band that could help me
sink into my bed and catch some shut eye to.
Get Away,
my mood exactly. The nice acoustic free flowing jam really sets that
feeling down deep in your soul. It reaches inside you and pulls out
those trappings of the daily grind.
the River Runs Cold,
up next;

the area
where this band originates from I know all too well, so maybe I can
picture the lyrics to this one better than most. Even if I didn’t I
could picture myself seeing this band live.
of Change
really introduces the dobro. It keeps the strength and speed of the
album but the dobro really stands out and drives this tune.
of a sudden, the album slows to almost a pure country.
take the
vocals deeper and add the dreamer. It brings the album deep into the
Americana poetry of songwriting. That skill that draw so many of us
to follow this genre, or style of music because seriously it has
spread worldwide with great international artists as well.
I never look up a band until I’ve at least listened to them and
come up with a question I needed answered. But, this one I cheated on
and that is where I came across the video for,
really suggest everyone does. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.
In the lyrics the singer reminisces on his fond memories of youth.
is another great display of the dobro. It’s an instrumental that
pulls the term into an entirely different class. It takes you into
peaks and canyons, tapering peacefully off into that valley.
& Love, is a mix of styles unlike anything I’ve ever heard.
It’s jam band/country/bluegrass/Americana. I really think if you
wanted to give it a term for a genre you would have to make your own
one up.
it Go,
the title track. Maybe it was chosen for the fiddle or the
harmonizing, I thought there were other songs on the album that
probably would have held the name of title track better. But, I
didn’t write the album, sing the songs, put it together or produce
me this is a must get album. I would love to get to catch a live show
of these guys. The mix of banjo, dobro, fiddle and stand up bass must
be a sight to overpower the senses. Add that to the rhythm and
harmony, and one must feel like they’ve stepped into the pages of a
story that has yet to be fully told. 
Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International Magazine 

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