I Will Be Glad


Israel Will Blossom & Bud – Bill
Gaither’s Song – He’s My Jehovah – I Will Be Glad – I’ll Be Serving
Jesus – Charlie Won’t It Be – My Eyes Are Crying – Silent Night
I’m an early fan of Gloria Nihart, a lovely Native American
lady who brought me some of her work in her very formative time.  That
first effort was iffy, but Gloria stood by her talent, she stood by her
desire to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, and she stood by her
determination.  Today, she is emerging as a very gifted singer of great
gospel music.  This CD is all original songs (except for Silent
Night) written by Gloria.  This is her musical ministry.  It has taken
her to the door step of Bill Gaither, the incredibly popular television
personality.  Her writings are her gift to those of us who need to hear
how the teachings of Jesus affects other people.  This particular CD is
more in the ‘classic’ mode.  Not old-timey, and not modern either.  She
is more concerned about getting her message across, and that’s the
important work of a good songwriter, and Gloria does that with great
ability on this work.  I can’t say, by listening to Gloria, who her
idols may have been in the music world, but I do know this, she stands
alone and stands strongly for Christ.  Because of this, she is able to
attract listeners to her lovely music.  It might also be noted, that all
eight of these songs might be considered ‘prayers’ set to music. 
Gloria is asking the Lord Jesus to respond to the needs of her musical
lyrics.  Not sure where she recorded these originals at, but the backing
is supreme.  Very nice piano, guitar, bass, Dobro, and other
instruments done extremely well backing Gloria.  She has a very
personified voice, unique, and quite good.  A real picker-upper for
anyone feeling a little down.  Gloria is going to be on the LeMars
Festival, be sure and visit with her, catch her shows, take home her
CD’s, you will be pleased.
Gloria Nihart,  420 4th Ave., SE, Stewartville, MN 55976
for Country Music News International Magazine

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