Hello! This time no horses…The boss send two tickets
….and a place to stay!Can You guess !    …….   no?Say!  I know
that the horses are ready! no! Two tickets to fly By Delta
Airlines…Hei! Delta read our review!!! …and reserv in Marriot Hotel!
 See! With your own eyes!
    Is true!  Who sings ,Who play…They are Don Everly and Phil
Everly.What álbum we review?             This time we choice,because our
Box …drop…and we do Greatest Hits!

   1)Bye Bye love.
    2)I wonder if I care as much.
    3)Wake up Little Susie.
    4)Maybe to women.
    5)This little girl of mine.
    6)Should me tell Him.
    7)All I have to do is dream.
    9)Bird dog.
    10)Devoted to you.
     12)love of my life.

            They do Country,Rockabilly and rock and roll.The time of
road was… 1957-1973, after They stop and Return in 1983 till present.
            The duo was elected to the Rock and roll Hall of Fame in 1986.
            The Beatles bases his vocal arrangements of Please,Please me on a music of the Everly Brothers…
             Lets say about musics…Bye Bye love is a hit that all
know….maybe dont know it was from the Everly….is a music that dont
die….another perfect is Wake up Little Susie….it seems just one
voice,because the harmony was perfect….Devoted to You is closed
harmony ,that characterized the Everly Brothers sounds….They know what
They do! no doubt!
           All  I have to do is dream….is a hit that all that Loves
music ,like we do,be happy when listen…..for instance in a placê that
You go….and sudenly You,say…All  I,have to do is Dream? And and one
 pearson át your  side say…..What?  And You ….say…dont mind! Dont
ask!!!!This pearson dont like music!
          With this review I am thinking …is the Country of Everly
Brothers or another people that do Country…well….Put the ideas in
the rigth place….is the Country father of rock and roll?
           well, this is not to discuss today!How can this two Brothers do sucess for so many times?
      I think They do that because  the music was Very simple,Good,the
knowing of music was perfect….when You listen,pay atenttion is both
Brothers….it seems that one Put his voice over the other ,but with a
harmony,with a atenttion in each sound They produced….voices,that God
certanly bless….
        They have many others wonderfull musics and have a place in the history of the music.
        We fell that They are going trough the time keeping the Style ,
and giving his kind of do musics to a great people that today do sucess
with musics of The Everly Brothers!
        To all our readers ,we Regina and Ronaldo(RR) we let to You
 this review, and promess to do a new review of The Everly
Brothers,because we have to much to say about him….this review is just
the first,because we need to have more time to say all about this two
great Singers.
        Great hug in all Country Hearts,and be with God ! till next time
with a brand new …Review! P.S. We like to do this review ,but we
Return to,this same Everly Brothers in two,or three weeks…Please wait!
It will be great! RR(from Brasil,to CMNI).

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