CD: DOUG FIGGS – A Cowboy Like Me


A Cowboy Like Me
Old New Mexico Moon – Sittin’ Here With You –
Wild Horses – Viento Del Sur – A Cowboy Like Me – It Don’t Matter Now –
Those Old Days – Bein’ A Cowboy – Play It For Me – Do You Believe In
Angels – Can’t You See – Everything That’s Beautiful – Christmas For A
For someone who has been in the music for some 70 years, it
still absolutely amazes me how some authentic ‘talent’ in America has
such a difficult time being ‘discovered.’  Doug Figgs is first off a
wonderful, warm, authentic, very real songwriter.  Songwriters are poets
you know, and then they have the ability to add beautiful music to
their poems, and the result is a masterpiece just as beautiful as an oil
painting hanging on the wall at the Louvre in Paris, France. Just as
beautiful as anything everyday American’s hear on radio these days.  The
misfortune of all this is that money has overpowered the ‘creative’
America that so many of us remember, especially if we’ve been exposed to
some of the great artists of our time.  It also means there are more
really gifted musical artists than there is opportunity to be heard by
any large number of listeners.  Doug Figgs has the good common sense of a
real cowboy.  He continues to do what he does to make a living and
continue the life of who he is, a horseshoer, a cowboy, a
songwriter, and of course a ‘western’ singer of his own songs.  He’s
already accomplished quite a lot in that department taking “Western Song
of the Year” from the New Mexico Music Awards.  This particular CD is
about as good as it gets, in two departments, songwriting ability and
singing ability. Better add ‘composition’ to that, the melody lines are
terrific.  This is ‘western’ music as it was originally presented. It’s
so very hard to hang on to, keep, store away, keep alive, the very
‘tradition’ that makes something popular, famous, and well loved in the
first place.  For every single one of those genres of music, or music
makers that created it in the first place, there are hundreds of
thousands standing in line to take it’s place with something else.  What
a world we live in, but none of this would be possible without the
‘freedom’ that America presently enjoys, and is on the cusp of whether
it will continue to be part of our existence.  For that very reason, a
creative person like Doug Figgs continues his ‘regular’ work, but in
every minute he has to enjoy his ‘freedom of choice’ he is creating
original ideas, melodies, reasons for and reasons against of every word
he drips on a page of a small notebook that becomes full of ideas and
wonderful tunes.  Whether the ‘drips’ are tears, blood, or just plain
cowboy sweat, it’s all Doug Figgs.  Terrific CD, a full 5-plus.  Off it
goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission.  I sincerely hope they hear
what I hear, thank you Doug for such an exhilarating experience
listening to you write, sing, play, communicate, share, and certainly
for Country Music News International

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