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CD: Doo-Wop – Vol. 15 1963

15 1963

Much in Love 2:08 Denise 1:57 Have You Heard 2:30 Unchained Melody 2:01
the Aisle (Wedding Song) 3:34 What Kind of Fool (Do You Think I Am) 2:01
So Fine 1:52 Till Then 2:17 You Can Not Sit Down 2:20 I’ll Take You Home 2:36
Not Say Nothin’ Bad (About My Baby) 2:48 The Bird’s the Word 2:11 Lonely
Drifter 2:37
Bounce 2:38 Easier Said Than Done 2:06 I’m the One Who Loves You 2:25 Not Me
2:21 Sally Go ‘Round the Roses 3:05 Shake a Tail Feather 2:25 Foolish Little
Girl 2:16 The Gorilla 2:17 Be My Baby 2:40 It Will Not Be This Way (Always)
2:22 Tell Him 2:15 Elephant Walk (Native Girl) 2:56 A Love She Can Count On
2:36 I Need Your Love 2:17
I Have This Dance 2:12 Who Do You Love 2:42 Found True Love 2:30
Love Like Yours (Do Not Come Knocking) 2:30 As I Walk Alone 2:23
Kiss and Make Up 2:33 Play Those Oldies (Mr. Dee Jay) 2:28
I’m not sure if it’s
just the fact that I haven’t listened to any music in a while, or that I’ve
just got too many headaches formatting my new book(editing my own text,
choosing which pictures to include, then working on a publishing software that
I am unfamiliar with). It really has come down to a deadline with the publisher
who wants it finished. But, just the sound of So Much in Love really took my ears, and brain, on a nice sweet
journey. Ah, the innocence of youth keeps on going with Denise. Have You Heard reminds
me of those feelings of the breakup with my first love. She looked so beautiful
in her Bobby-sox. Then hanging out with the boys on the street corner reminds
me of getting those soda pops at the fountain on Main Street. They all had
their greased back hair but oh we used to harmonize just like Unchained Melody. Wait a minute, what
the hell am I talking about? Shit, I don’t remember any of that crap, innocence
of youth my ass.
            I definitely never even heard of this song Down the Aisle (Wedding Song). I’m
pretty sure my wife would throw up if she ever heard it. I’m pretty damn glad I
didn’t get married in this country and never had to take the chance of someone
requesting this song. What Kind of Fool (Do
You Think I Am)
? I have a great answer for you. Just for singing this song
you must be the biggest idiot in the world.
            He’s So Fine. I
know they’re singing about me. Ladies do you have a good looking friend? Because,
I do remember that the ugly fat ones always travel with a hot girl. They use
the hot one as bait until you get drunk enough that your beer goggles get to be
the same size as the bottoms of those old glass coke bottles. I’ll Take You Home comes up next. See I
told you. These guys had gotten that drunk and look at what they were about to
            What’s next? This next singer already has a kid, Do Not Say Nothin’ Bad (About My Baby).
I bet they were he calling him a bastard child. They used those terms back then
I’m pretty sure. Well, the saxophone somewhat redeems this song. The hand
clapping is a bit too much. I guess she couldn’t do that in church anymore due
to the fatherless kid.
            I kinda like Lonely
I don’t know why, maybe I just like the sounds of the ocean in the
background. Easier Said Than Done reminds
me of this girl that used to just jump out and take pictures of me and run away.
            I could just go on and on. I really wish this music would
have stayed back in those years. I would give them the idea of sending in way
out into space, but if aliens ever found it I’m sure they would try to conquer
the Earth. No wonder why music changed so drastically. Go get me a fishing rod
and bring me back to the main street of yesteryear. Whoever glamorizes the ‘good
old days’ should really get checked out for dementia. I’m sure they weren’t
that innocent and that good; Especially when probably 75% of the true loves
still alive are going to the chapel for the third, fourth, fifth, or more

Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International

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