CD: DON RAY Old Favorites


Old Favorites


Heartaches By The Number – Crazy Arms – My
Shoes Keep Walking Back To You – Invitation To The Blues – City Lights –
If You Got the Money –  I Love You A Thousand Ways – Let Ol’ Mother
Nature Have Her Way – Are You Teasing Me – Mr. Moon – She Thinks I Still
Care – Back In Platte County
WOW, just look at the names of the songs on this CD.  This
is not only a step back in time with some incredibly good classic
country songs, I’ll tell you what, when you hear Don Ray sing them, you
will think he too is stepping back in time.  His voice is that good,
he’s one of those secrets we find once in awhile that has the ‘real’
country music ‘gift.’  I met Don at the Fremont ‘Nebraska Festival’ last
year (he’ll be there again this year) and he passed this CD along to
me, and here it is January and I’m just getting to one of the best
classic country CD’s I have heard this year, or any other year for that
matter.  Don Ray’s voice is definitely a step back to the past.  It’s a
genuine classic country voice, like any of the great singers of that
time.  You’re going to get a chance to hear Don Ray, acoustically, at
LeMars this year.  You’ll also be enchanted with his ability to carve
tree trunks into guitars.  Well more about that later….this CD is
without a doubt one of the best classic country ones I’ve heard in a
long time.  Sharon Kenaston are you listening.  Don Ray should be at
Wahoo, he’s that good.  He lives in Columbus, Nebraska, and his dance
songs are incredibly good, and his country voice is a diamond already
faceted and ready to go.  This CD is definitely going to the Rural Roots
Music Commission, I hear ‘classic’ all over this disc.  Don recorded it
at Sound Stage Recording Studio in Vidor, Texas, and thanks Huey Buxton
for the fiddle on this CD….and ‘YES’ it’s tremendously good fiddle
swapping leads with a great steel player.  Sometimes I hear a little
Bill Anderson in Don’s voice, that’s how good he is, and you will too
once you hear this really good classic country singer.  Just for the
followers of International Country Music, if you in Europe are looking
for a ‘typically good’ classic country singer to perform with your
incredibly good country bands, this is the guy for you.  Tall, slender,
 good looking, picks a Martin guitar, and dresses elegantly, this is the
guy you’ve been looking for.   I’m very impressed with Don Ray, he’s a
real-deal.  I also like his own song called “Back in Platte County”
which is a well written song about life back on the farm back in Platte
County.  Don Ray is at  
Review by Bob Everhart, for Country Music News International

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