CD: David Shelby – Rust Belt Cowboy

Belt Cowboy
Better Man 3:47 Moonshine 3:35 Story of our Lives 3:44 Cinderella
With a new Tattoo 3:41
A beautiful acoustic guitar
opens up
Better Man.
Shelby comes in with a great bass voice to compliment it. Lyrically
speaking, right off the bat, I feel it’s lacking. I mean, I got the
watching you from the stage part, the blond hair and blue shirt part,
but then a sharp nosedive into a Meg Ryan movie. “You had me at
Hello,” come on. My suggestion is to either completely separate
yourself from the person who wrote this, or to go and take creative
writing classes in which you must actually cite the original writer
of that line or get attacked for plagiarism. The entire song went
from one cliché to another. What a shame, with the opening acoustic
and his voice to have an album give such a terrible first impression
for me. I can only hope it gets better.

hopefully will reset this album for me. I like moonshine, and as a
matter of fact one of my good friends had a bottle of it a few years
ago. Well that’s better; actually it is a complete 180. Now, who
the hell was thinking of putting that other song on first? It
could’ve been forgiven after something like this. It’s got a real
fast pace, almost sounding like it’s from a show. And that show I’d
love to attend. I can just picture a large bonfire out in the middle
of the woods with pickup trucks powering up to get there and guys
holding up there jugs as they dance around the blaze.

I really hope that wasn’t
a fluke, although with the title,
of our Lives,
not sure. Okay, so away we go. I love the beginning. It makes you
feel like you are sitting in the same room just having a jam session,
or a good friend asking what you think about this song they’ve
written. At points the guitar cranks into electric solos. Now,
lyrically this song grabs hold of your nostalgia and wrestles at your
heart and memories. Each of those ups and downs comes bubbling to the
rim and spilling over as you both smile and wipe away a tear in the
same few minutes.

Cinderella with a New
such a great title. I’m really looking forward to this song. I had
to just show the title to my 7 year old daughter because I thought
she’d get a kick out of it too. Unlike the other songs, it opens
with some strong guitar that is tough and you could imagine cranking
on the way to take your girl to get a new tattoo. I’d better watch
my mouth this girl sounds like trouble. Her right hook could lay me
out. The song really makes me want to go take my daughters doll and
put on a fake tattoo just to see her face when she finds it.

Whoever set this album up
should be shot (It’s just a figure of speech. I don’t condone
violence against anyone, and anyone who actually takes me seriously
should get a mental health check). The first song really sent me into
a zone in which I would’ve thrown this away without ever moving on.
I’m glad I did and I do recommend that people take a listen to this

Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International 

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