CD: CURT SHOEMAKER – Free and Easy


Free and Easy


Free and Easy – It’s So Nice To Be With You –
Key Largo – Dance With Me – Unchained Melody – Red Red Wine –
Shoestrings – Makin’ Believe – You Comb Her Hair Every Morning – The
Last Farewell
Creative artists never cease to amaze me.  Curt Shoemaker, the
incredible steel player from Kansas, has put out one of his best efforts
yet.  Here’s what Martina McBride says about this lovely piece of
work…”If you love steel guitar then this is the CD for you.  There are
a wide variety of songs and musical styles to keep you entertained.”  I
couldn’t agree more.  I listened to this CD a little differently, I
didn’t just start with #1 and go through the list.  I started with #7
“Shoestrings” for a couple of reasons.  This is the only original by
Shoemaker on the CD, it’s also a combination of instruments I have never
heard before.  He combined his soft approach to playing the steel with a
hammer dulcimer.  I doubt you’ve heard that blend before either.  The
result?  Absolute creative beauty.  Then I went back to “Free and Easy,”
which stands the test of time easily.  Lunacy Records in Oklahoma City
is the depository of Curt’s music, and I say ‘Thank God.’  At least
there is one record company in America that knows what country music
really is.  This is an instrumental CD, and there sure ain’t many of
them around anymore with all those rap singers rapping and crapping, and
calling what they do country, but I’m not sure what country they’re
from, but on “Free and Easy” it’s pretty obvious this is one fine fine
fine CD from the real country of the United States of America.  Curt
used some excellent backing musicians.  He would probably not say they
are ‘backing’ musicians.  He’d probably call them his ‘pickin’
buddies.’  Doesn’t matter, they are right with him all the way through. 
Terry Scarberry on guitar and mandolin, Ryan Jones on Keyboard, Steve
Short on drums (tastefully done too), Dave Copenhaver on bass who is
also the producer, and that wonderful hammer dulcimer is played by Dave
Beitz.  What a neat experiment that turned out to be.  As part of
another of my journalistic endeavors, I had just listened to the ten
worst country songs of 2013, and quite frankly I couldn’t even listen to
all ten of them.  I left the rap-scene before number eight.  What a
relief to know there is ‘sanity music’ still left in America, and Curt
Shoemaker is the ‘leader of the pack’ when it comes to relaxing,
beautiful, stylish music that is in the new idiom the very essence of
truth….candy for the ears.  I have to make one more comment before I
finish.  “Unchained Melody” is that very famous Righteous Brothers
song.  Here it’s completely handed over to the creative arrangement of a
steel guitarist of the first order.  What a very pleasant listen.  This
CD will go to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their
“Instrumentalist of the Year” CD awards.  Five stars here for sure. 
Record review by Bob Everhart,  Curt Shoemaker, 250 West St., Ionia, KS 66949

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  1. I love Curt’s music, can ou provide me with a list of Curt’s Cd;s along with prices and where to buy them ?
    Hal Buttolph

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