CD: Codie Prevost – All Kinds Of Crazy

Codie Prevost
All Kinds Of Crazy


I love to review
indie artists. It’s like a box of chocolates – you never know what you
are going to get. I lucked up and got a potential mover from indie to
mainstream. He COULD be the next the big thing.
Codie Prevost is a
multi-award winning & four time Canadian Country Music Association
nominee that released his 4th studio album, “All Kinds of Crazy” in
spring of this year. He also has co-penned the eight songs. Since then
he has received dozens of rave reviews and mine is going to be one of
them. I just want to touch on a few of them to give the consumer an
insight on a wonderful and talent country artist from Canada.
Codie’s CD “All
Kinds Of Crazy” holds a eight pack of meaty packed – country songs. The
latest single, “Someday” is a tried and true blessing from the
songwriter to the artist as he delivers it with heart and soul. The song
tells of real life experiences through difficult times that there is a
brighter day coming soon.
The first song out
of the speakers is “I’ll Be Your Whiskey” sounds like it was written by
an award winning songwriter, straight out the series Nashville.
The lyrics tell of him comparing his love (as Whiskey) that can take
the away bad and comfort you in your time of need. [One of my favorites
from the songwriting side of things].
“Say My Name’ is a
rocking song with a sprinkle of pop infusion. That’s ok because he
brings the audience attention totally to the music. His power-yielding
vocal strength and control is evident throughout the album. I would hope
they consider this for an up tempo summer release. Another up tempo
that is a hard – hitting very hooky words – that led you to believe that
some under cover loving is just a glass away.
This song is for the
ladies. “Last Night All Day” is a perfect dedication to the girl who
has his mind all day and his body all night. What a visual. When a
songwriter (He is co-writer) can write so you see a picture. He has done
his job.
Codie ever decides he rather be writing. Music Row would welcome him
with open arms. Come on down! Visit him at
The album creative
team must recognize: Expertise Produced by Tom McKillip, and was
recorded in Vancouver, BC. Good Spirit Records is the indie label for
CD Review by Preshias for Country Music News International Magazine


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