CD: BUDDY RICH – New Life Comin’


New Life Comin’


Down On My Knees – If You Think This Is
Livin’ – Walk With Jesus – Jesus Is Greater Than Our Burdens – Family
Tradition – Nothing Left To Hide – New Life Comin’ – Where Can I Go –
Works Of The Lord
With all that is happening in the world today, especially
in our ‘free’ beautiful United States of America, and hearing the
fall-out from the Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson’s expression of truth, and
the attack he is under from the gay community, this CD is exactly what I
needed to hear, and hear I did, several times.  Indeed there’s a “new
life coming.’  This CD really tells us the truth about Jesus Christ. 
Buddy Riche is the father of Duane Riche one of the movers and shakers
behind the very successful Gospel group ‘Other Side of Sunday.”  This CD
is a very strong reflection of Buddy Riche’s belief in Jesus Christ as
our Savior.  It’s also pure country, done exceptionally well.  Keith
Wilson provides some outstanding ‘steel’ to make the point, many times. 
Buddy also included several of his own originals, “New Life Comin”  and
“Walk With Jesus.”  He also added some new lyrics to “Family
Tradition.”  It is so refreshing to hear someone singing to and for
Jesus Christ.  Buddy Riche is convinced, and convincing, in his belief
that Jesus Christ died on the cross so that we might know that He will,
and does, forgive our sins, and promises us salvation….forever.  It
doesn’t matter how old you are, each and every day takes you, and me,
and everyone, closer to the ‘end of the road.’  What does matter is
where you are going when you reach that point in your life.  Buddy Riche
knows.  He’s sure.  So am I, my entire soul, and all of me, and all
that I have done, belongs to Jesus Christ, especially when I reach
Jordan’s chilly shore.  This is how Buddy Riche feels too.  Buddy Riche
might not be the Eddy Arnold of today, but he’s one fine sincere singer
of true classic and traditional country gospel music.  Keith Wilson who
also added some fantastic fiddle to some of these incredibly beautiful
gospel songs, did all this fine work at C-Lee Production Studio.  All
the way around, this is without a doubt the best Gospel music I’ve heard
in awhile, and I especially need it today when our world seems in such
‘soul’ turmoil.  Buddy brings the serenity of rural Iowa to our ears. 
He brings us the ‘truth’ of Jesus Christ to our ears.  Buddy Riche
brings salvation of our souls to our ears.  We hear you Buddy Riche,
please just keep on doing what you are doing. Buddy has a close
connection to  
Review by Bob Everhart for Country Music News International

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