CD: Andy Griggs – Naked

Andy Griggs
Timer        5:21 Understanding Hank      3:21 Heart Hush          .12
Cocaine         4:15 Superman            2:41 I Wonder Do You Think of
Me   3:04 D’em Boyz          2:32 Thrown Away             4:06
Long Time Coming         4:03
Flying Too Close to the Ground          2:37
Between an Old Memory and Me          4:03
Blue Train            5:08 Me on His Mind          3:22

late on a Friday night, and I really have nothing to do. It’s amazing that
after a car accident, brain surgery, and maybe another one up and coming; that
I’m stuck here fighting for my disability. It almost sickens me to think about
all of the people that abuse the system and leave people like me fighting.
Sorry, it’s been a bad week for me and I know if you’re even reading this then
you are here about music. Well hey, I’m just another sad country song.

kinda sums up how I feel. The ups are ups and the downs are downs,
but this song really puts it all in place. The good times outweigh the bad, the
summer memories put those cold damn desolate winters to shame. And there’s
always that woman that could warm the coldest of cabins.

            I guess you just gotta listen to Understanding Hank to really understand
the great ‘Hank.’ I bet you’ve felt it in your years as well. It’s a true
tribute to Hank Williams.

is almost an exit and an intro. It introduces You and Cocaine. At least I’d hope it just introduces cocaine. Let’s
just leave it at that.

is not at all what I expected by its name. It truly shows depth that I wasn’t
expecting. Maybe some of you guys are like me and still have old girlfriends
calling with one of these two types they expected but couldn’t put together in

            And with that, comes the perfect
imagery to lead in to I Wonder Do You
Still Think of Me. D’em Boyz
has lyrics flowing as freely as Andy Griggs
probably lives. It’s much different than the rest of the album so far. I just
had to go do some research on this guy. It seems he’s already released three
albums for RCA and another one by Montage. He’s hit the charts countless times,
and it seems he’s still going strong.

            Let me just go through a few more. Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground is
a beautiful acoustic ballad, that really showcases his vocal talent.

is funny because of the outtakes. Any Johnny Cash follower or anyone
who’s even familiar with his music will love this. And, Me on His Mind is probably much more of a religious/acoustic prayer.
The way it’s written really makes a lot more sense if you know any of Andy
Griggs history.

            Overall, I thought is was an
excellent album. You could notice the bluegrass strumming, the blue’s wailing,
and the hint of jazz that perfected the recipe.  

Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International

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