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CD: Alaina Blair – Alaina Blair

Sweet Talkin’ Lola 4:10 Fall From Grace 4:05 Down  3:44 I’m a Mess 3:28 More 3:49
Why 4:25 Goodbye to Love 4:15 Tellin’ Time 3:54 Place to
Escape 2:43
I Dream That Way 4:11
Have you
ever just sat back watching the signs of what you think will happen? As a
writer, I’ve become accustomed to it. People call you “paranoid,” some may say
you are insecure until your predictions come true. I really began watching what
I was saying around this person. Later on, I found the idea I had, was being
promoted to others behind my back. I think Sweet
Talkin’ Lola
would try and attempt this. I’m sure we all know people like
this. I’m just glad I could make the predictions.
from Grace
is a beautiful song. Just knowing that feeling of jumping in the
ocean and coming out to clear blue sky with the sun beating on your salt skin.
One of the first things I did after returning from nine years in Asia, a car
crash and brain surgery in Thailand, and losing everything I had left in Taiwan
was go down to the beach out back and dive in. Maybe the lyrics meant more to
me than most, but the melody really made me relive that moment.
          I think I just stepped in a time
machine. The 70’s are here in Down. I
enjoy the funk flying out of the jukebox. I just wish I was wearing roller-skates
and hanging out on a Friday night at the local roller rink. The disco ball
spinning, my stripped tube sox, my matching wrist and head band, and my short
shorts were all thrown away a long time ago. I’m a Mess, I can understand. It’s hard to peg this woman. I haven’t
done my research yet but this song makes me picture a lot of hairspray, skintight
black leather chaps, and the 80’s which I’d rather forget.  
          This next song, More, sounds like it really matches her voice. I can’t explain why,
it just does. I don’t know why, Why, is
next. But, it begins with an acoustic jam that rolls behind her voice. After a
few minutes a drum beat brings it up a notch. Goodbye to Love has the same feel.
Dream That Way
is another one that really displays her lyrical ability. The
writing displayed, especially on the last four tracks is well thought out and
put together. Overall, I like the sound. It’s well produced. I may consider it
a ‘girl’s album’ just like I believe some movies are ‘chic flicks.’ But, any
way there is a great deal of musical talent displayed on it. In this day and
age it’s refreshing to listen to lyric driven songs versus song driven lyrics.
Frost for Country Music News International.

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