Carly Pearce – 29

CD Review:  Carly Pearce – 29

by Nikhila Jain for Country Music News International

Released :  2021


Next Girl | 2:44

Should’ve Known Better” | 3:01

29 | 3:49

Liability | 2:44

Messy | 2:53

Show Me Around | 3:40

Day One | 3:30


At times Bad things bring the best in you, and it happened with Carly Pearce too. Her divorce from her fellow country singer, Michael Ray, left her heartbroken, but her grief got the best out of her, and she hit it back in full swing with her album, ’29’. The musical album takes you on a journey with Carly, where she makes you cry it out with her heartbreak and then soothes you with her realisation. She brings in the hidden strengths and takes you ahead with her when life gives her the share of happiness that she deserves.


Next Girl

It was released last year as a single, follows its trail into the new album. It is an eye-opener song that tells all the ladies out there that their ex would not change the way they are. Beautifully crafted by Carly Pearce with Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne, Carly does justice to track with her beautiful voice.


Shouldve Known Better

The song has hit the market recently, and it is all about the relationship breakdown. It truly imitates how a person takes the blame on them until they realise that it was not their fault. The emotions rushing through the song, and Carly’s voice pierce right through your heart.



The title track takes you on the journey of emotional trauma and hurt. Carly’s voice takes you amid reality when she sings to her heart that life is a contrast, and things are not the way we expect. I can bet that you would not be able to stop yourself from consoling Carly. Carly put her soul and heart in this song, an absolute favourite.



A heart-aching song where Clary realises that she was the one who got cheated, and it’s high time that she should move on. The relation is being done and dusted, and time demands her to take charge of her life and get it back on track. I am sure there would be plenty of you out there to resonate with Clary’s feelings.



It shows that despite the realisation that she had to move on, she failed. She kept going into the past and regretting it every next moment. The solemn and soothing lyrics will comfort a person going through a heartbreak. It is an absolute spot on to show how difficult it is to move on.


Show Me Around

The song is a tribute to the late producer, Busbee. The song takes you on an emotional journey that you can’t handle. You can’t keep yourself away from getting drenched in that ocean of emotions.


Day One

It couldn’t have been a better closure song than this. A track that takes you to positivity and embraces you with the fact that things can get better. It is a healing song in which Carly emerges as a strong-willed self and is ready to take up the new challenges that life would throw at her. Of course, there would be ups and downs in life but remember that it’s just for that moment and time is the remedy.


Every musical track, right from the ‘Next Girl’ to the awestruck closure ‘Day out’, Carly keeps giving you the feelings of heartbreak and self-healing. An album worthy of finding its spot in every country music lover’s library. You just can’t miss it.

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