Brooke Eden – No Shade

CD Review: Brooke Eden – No Shade

by Antony Bailey for Country Music News International

Brooke Eden is a country singer songwriter who has been on the music scene for a few years and has previously featured twice on American Idol in a bid to launch her music career. 2021 has seen her release two new singles called ‘’No shade’’ and ‘’Sunroof’’. No shade has more of a traditional feel rhythmically and instrumentally as the drums, fiddle, guitar, and vocals are present throughout the song whereas ‘’Sunroof’’ feels much more fluid in the sense that the song briefly crosses over into other music genres both vocally and instrumentally.

The opening verse of ‘’No shade’’ is a metaphor for how she had to abandon a broken relationship in order to find happiness once again and resonates with those who are able to relate to similar situations. ‘’Now there aint no shade around here, once you leave the clouds, you’re under aint it funny how there aint no rain around here’’ allows the listener to feel empowered and liberated from the difficulties they may experiencing. For myself, who has been through similar situations, the song resonates with me and certainly made my morning better as I write this. The lyrics ‘’nobody’s gonna steal my sunshine’’ is the part that resonates with me most and is perfect for anybody waking up on a dull, rainy morning. This song makes you want to cruise down a winding country road with the sunroof down.

This leads me on the next single aptly named ‘’Sunroof’’ I hear more of a pop/funk feel in some sections of the song as the guitar intro especially reminded me of the intro to ‘’I want you back’’ by Jackson 5 and the verse briefly reminded of ‘’Zombie’’ by The Cranberries. The song retains its country roots whilst being able to expand its reach into other areas musically which typifies how fluid musical genres are. I imagine there is a lot more to come from Brooke Eden and she is certainly an artist to keep your eye on for the future.

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