Bradon Stover – Bradon Stover

Bradon Stover –
Bradon Stover
I hate
Love     2:51 What’s That Cowgirl See In
Me    3:26 Take it Back   3:08
The L
Bomb   2:55 How Long      2:49 Not Over Yet 4:22

Never heard of him, but for some reason thought
I’d check this one out. Maybe it was the lack of some crazy Wild West sounding
name (like Bradon ‘ knock your head in the’ Stover, or B. Stove-Driver) , maybe
it was the self-titled album containing only six songs, anyhow it seemed a bit
more down-to-Earth than some of the albums I had to choose from.

        I Hate Love is a good title for a
country song, that’s a good start. I can say it’s definitely country music,
just by the sound of the guitar and drumbeat without hearing anything else. He
has a good voice, but writing wise the lyrics need some practice and at very
least a few years unless he plans on playing to high school or freshman college
crowds forever.

        What’s That Cowgirl See in Me seems
completely different. He must’ve taken a few writing classes between the first
song and this. The guitar and fiddle really add a lot to this song. I was
completely about to discredit this singer, and I don’t know who suggested
recording the first song, but whoever it was needs to get fired, dumped, or
disowned. If I didn’t have to listen, trust me after the first song I wouldn’t.

        Take it Back has a piano/keyboard that’s
added and it seems more appropriate for the album. I’m actually glad I gave him
another chance. The L Bomb is alright
musically I guess you would fit this song as pop/country. It has a good sound
and with his voice it fits, but it’s almost, yet nowhere near as bad as the
first song. Songs like this really show off the singer’s age. How Long switches back to almost those
thoughts of it’s pretty good. And Not
Over Yet,
stays along the same track as the few others that are decent.

have to say that whoever produced this album should really be taken to jail, or
at least a civil suit should be brought against them when he gets older.
Because, the way it was set up was driven to sell to a high school market
without any regard for how this album is going to follow him throughout his

        The album could have been done to a much
better standard, and it’s really a shame it wasn’t. A few of the songs had good
vocals, lyrics, melody, and rhythm. It is definitely a singer who has a lot of
years ahead of him and I wouldn’t completely discredit him. As a matter of
fact, I’d suggest that people watch him as he progresses.  

Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International

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