Brad Paisley Has A Cow!

Brad Paisley Has A Cow! 99.5 WYCD-FM Detroit Morning
Show Producer Steve Grunwald Delivers Singer’s Namesake, “Paisley,” To
African Tribal Chief.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Oct. 15, 2012) This past weekend Brad Paisley sent
WYCD-FM Detroit morning show producer and co-host Steve Gunwald on a
mission. His goal was to purchase and deliver a cow to an African
tribal chief in Kenya. Grunwald made the trip and accomplished the task
by presenting a young female calf, “Paisley,” to the Chief of the Masai
tribe on behalf of Paisley. The traveling saga began in 2007 when
Paisley bet Grunwald that he could not travel to 10 countries in 10 days
– Grunwald accepted the wager and took along a life-size Paisley cut
out to document his travels with photos. Grunwald has kept in contact
with some of the people he met his first trip to Africa and recently
received a request to provide the Kenyan tribe a cow – something that
would support the whole village for a long time. Grunwald made this
known to Paisley and in a recent interview Paisley offered to fund the
trip and “The Brad Paisley Cow Project” began!

Grunwald documented his entire journey through up-to-the-minute blog
entries, updating fans throughout his travels. The daily blogs can be
found the radio station’s website,

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