Born This Way – Lady Gaga, Tay Tay or Lady A – What’s You Poison CMA ?

Born This Way – Lady Gaga, Tay Tay or Lady A – What’s You Poison CMA ?
Whilst going for Internet ads, along with promotional appearances on BBC’s Graham Norton Show and headlining BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Carlisle on Sunday 15 May 2011, well it’s been almost impossible to escape the fact that Pop phenomenon Lady Gaga had a new album ready to hit the shelves to serve up to her little monsters, called BORN THIS WAY.
So why flag up this lady on a Country music website?
Well after making her grand entrance in an MDF coffin and watching her live TV performance one is struck by the fact that there is more to her music than meets the eye with the lush interludes of jazz.
I thought she was pure pop – I was wrong! Intrigued I searched further only to discover that Lady Gaga put a spin on her hit single, ‘Born This Way.’ with a country version ! It was released on 26 March 2011 and appears to have been made available to country radio in America.
The native New Yorker made some subtle edits to the lyrics to show her red, white and blue street cred as she sings:
If I wanna make it country, baby, it’s OK / ‘Cause I was born, I was born, I was born this way / From London, Paris, Japan, back to USA / Yeah, I was born on the road / I was born to be brave.” For good measure she mentions “mama” and the great almighty with lines My mama told me when I was young / We are all born superstars and ‘Cause God makes no mistakes I’m on the right track baby.
So was this version widely embraced by the country airwaves?
It seems not, with the red-states in America due to the lyrical content endorsing the gay movement, trans-gendered references and reference to H.I.M . They played it safe and endorsed the comments made by CMT, who said, “Furthermore, I doubt a song that even hints at things like drag queens would ever make it on country radio.”
Some Ottawa stations may have played it but the UK media have most certainly not to date who instead have being going gaga over country queen Dolly with her pending visit rather than paying any attention to Stefani Germanotta (aka Lady Gaga). Are they too concerned about losing their listener figures or upsetting the diehard fan?
In what is meant to be an all embracing America in the Obama era it seems a shame, because the track has a bluegrass tinge and southern rock feel – Yes it’s undeniably country – I like it, it’s good !.
With harmonica, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin and a trace of steel it’s more country than much of the pop/crossover/spillover material on the American Billboard charts and the remixed “ironed out country outings” by Miss Swift and Lady Antebellum for the British ear.
With completely varied dimensions of femininity one would not believe that Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift have been spoken in the same breath, but indeed they have. Regarding online sales in the digital age they have both been trading the title of “most songs sold online” in recent months. In late April the crown switched back to beautiful Tay-Tay, who had reached a tally of 22.5 million sold. Her song ‘You Belong With Me’ has drawn plaudits from Gaga who considers it a great song; in interview she said “Oh my God! When it comes on the radio, I sing it so loud”
So what are the chances of Lady Gaga making a Country Music Awards appearance in November – She may not wear the right style boots, but who knows?
Co-presenter and host Brad Paisley last year even mistook Lady Antebellum for Lady Gaga, joking, “Are you guys gonna wear your meat suits tonight at least?”
We have seen rock gods Bon Jovi grace the CMA’s and this year at the ACM Awards Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles and R&B/pop goddess Rihanna performed together. Also Aerosmith front man and American Idol judge Steven Tyler teamed up with season four winner Carrie Underwood who wore a short black number with pink streaks in her hair as they rocked out her hit ‘Undo It’
A week ago Lady Gaga called in at the London offices of the free daily paper Metro, acting as guest editor-in-chief. After months of intense pre-release hype Lady G wanted to provide her U.K. fan base with a special pre-release taster of the hotly anticipated album BORN THIS WAY by streaming all 14 tracks from the album five days ahead of the official May 23 date. Unfortunately it was spoiled by a record leak.
So what of the country version of Born This Way ?
Produced by Gaga and Fernando Garibay it was released by Interscope Records and has been available as a Digital Download. The bonus track album is currently # 1 of the UK iTunes Chart and charts worldwide.
For those that like the physical product it appears as the first track on Disc 2 on the DELUXE Edition.
Go on country radio, be brave, take a chance, life is boring – why not reach out for a whole new genre of audience and country music fans. Will they give the eccentric singer a spin? Put your paws up and give ‘Born This Way’ a play.
Born This Way (Country Roads Version) MP3 –
ITunes Born This Way (Bonus Track Version) –

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