Bobby Bare Never Ending Story

Bobby Bare A Remarkable American Singer And Songwriter

by Snehashree Mandal for Country Music News International


How did he become what he is today?

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Bobby Bare, born 7th April 1935, then a young lad from Midwest, has contributed to country music profusely. He is one of the most esteemed and loved recording artists of the States. From Ironton, Ohio, he tried very hard in his initial years to get to where he is now at 85. In the early 1950s, Bobby was not entirely successful in selling his songs. But finally, after his deal got fixed with Capitol Records, his life headed in the direction he wanted it to move. But even, after that, he just had a few not-so-successful rock-and-roll single songs in his kitty.

Events took a turn when just before joining the United States Army, Bobby crafted out a song “All American Boy” for his friend Bill Parson, who was moving out of the Army. Bobby got a fresh breath of life when the recording studio decided to go with his original demo song instead of his friend, Bill Parsons’s version. It made it to the second position on the Billboard Hot 100. Bobby was still under a contract with Champions and did not want his name on the label. Eventually, the recording company credited Bill Parson for it. The erroneousness continued even when the song reached No.22 in the UK Singles’ Chart, but Bobby doesn’t mind at all. Even then an appropriate repackaging was done for the songs releasing them under the banner of “Bobby in Song”. It is still not something you would come across in the “published discographies” of Bobby, and although he was not paid a penny for it, he loved every bit of it, as Bobby recalls it.


A little about who he is

Bobby lost his mother just at five and was left with two sisters, one at seven, and another being only two years old. His younger sister had to be adopted by a family who lived down the road as his father was not enough for managing all the three kids. Eventually, his elder sister also had to be put up with relatives and grandparents. So much shifting around, made life very difficult for the young boy. Trying to figure out how best he could deal with the tensity he was going through, and the boy built his first guitar while early. A life full of loss enriched his dreams of becoming a country singer someday.

For young Bobby, could imagine! 

Perhaps the wealthiest gift, a man can be blessed with and lo! He was playing up a star all alone with just a coffee can, some wires, and a flat stick put up to become his first imaginary mic. He was still at an age when he hardly knew how life would carve out for him in the future. His stepmother was not someone he got along well with, and still, in his teens, Bobby decided to leave home one day. He lived a few years with his grandmother and relatives before acquiring the name he is today.



While working on a farm, the eclectic musical vibes that touched him, made him what was to become. Even though he loved the Grand Ole Opry, he also ended up loving the bands of the ’40s.

His evergreen favourite songs are:

  • That’s what I like about South” by Phil Harris.
  • Sixty-minute man” by Dominoes.
  • His first-ever song in public, “Sleepin at the foot of the bed” from Little Jimmy Dickens collection.


His achievements over the years

Our very account about ourselves matters, making us who we want to become in the process. Everything was an achievement for him, and he owned every bit of it.

  • Bobby knew this when he said he was a bright student as he took his education till grade eighth.
  • He knew he was hot by all accord.
  • His first group began playing music in radio shows early in the morning playing around Ohio.
  • A recording contract with Capitol
  • A contract term with Champions
  • Bobby entered the Ed Sullivan show for a Latin combo.
  • Then RCA happened.
  • His music with Shel Silverstein spanned a long way
  • -His country legend tours to Europe, South Africa, Norway.

A note in the end about Bobby

An older man, he still does not sit quietly. Dabbing into music once in a while, he teams up with his son for his son’s rock/country albums. Apart from all of these, fishing is what he is fond of still.

He also engages in his publishing firm.

With his two sons and a daughter, he cherishes being what he has grown to be.

With his eight CD box released on 02-Oct-2020 (featuring him and songwriter/humourist Shel Silverstein with whom he had created 100s of songs), the man enjoys his age as much as he loves ageing.

Great American Saturday Night released on 17th April 2020 is a “concept album by Shel Silverstein.”


                                       Currently, there are no events to come from Bobby Bare.

Yes! But if you want, you can listen to him and his Bare friends in his podcast.

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