Billy Dean – A Man of Good Fortune

Dean – A Man of Good Fortune
I can’t Leave a Good Thing 3:20 2.)A Seed
Middle of Nowhere
4.) Dear John 3:10
All The Difference in the World 3:19 6.)I Don’t Need As Much Hell
to Raise 3:09 7.)Crazy Beautiful 4:08
Imagine What I’d Do for You 3:37 9.)Made for you and I 3:28
Laura Nadine 4:18
album opens up I Can’t Leave a Good Thing which has a deep
country sound. It’s almost the cliché of what a Nashville spun,
big label artist should be. The song is about how the singer has to
call in sick to work because he can’t leave his girl. The singer
has a good deep voice and a certain power behind it, that
complimented by guitar picking and strumming.
album then takes an unexpected turn onto a different highway
vocals are completely different, more soothing. The lyrics are much
deeper, a great deal different visually. A Seed is a very well
written well sung, and the acoustic guitar is incredible. The Middle
of Nowhere
and Dear John kind of change the pace of the
album but lyrically seem to stay better.
the Difference in the World
goes back to a slower pace adding a
piano. I can really picture a high school dance; one of those awkward
moments when a boy first asks a girl to dance slowly for the very
first time. His palms are sweaty. His heartbeat is racing. This song
really has that effect.
Don’t Need as much Hell to Raise
is a very different kind of
song. Its lyrics show the age of the singer. Maybe, in his younger
years he was able to have that ‘rock-star’ style life, but those
days are long gone. Starting with Crazy Beautiful and going on
through the end of the album the songs almost seem to sound
redundant. It’s just one love song after the other.
just seems to be an album specifically written to grab a top ten hit.
It lacks in feeling, the lyrics seem to be no different than what a
large label would be seeking to make some money. The only song that
is different. The only song that I believe actually has good lyrics,
as well as, the music to go along with it is A Seed. I wish
that Billy Dean stayed on the path that he was carving with that
song. The Album as a whole I would suggest to no one. My advice is to
listen to it if a friend has it, and purchase tracks of this album as
singles, or you’re buying an album that just keeps repeating the
same song.

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