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Ben Brooks Interview by Christian Lamitschka for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Ben Brooks Interview by Christian Lamitschka for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Lamitschka: Music has many new fans throughout Europe who may be hearing about
you for the first time. How would you describe yourself and the music you play to
someone who has never seen or heard you?

I have a raspy, southern voice on top of roots filled, Americana
music that evokes emotions any human being can relate to.

Lamitschka: How did you choose Jean on Jean as the title for
your new album coming out? Is there a story behind the name?

No matter what season it is, or where you find yourself in Nashville there
are always people wearing denim jackets and jeans. I think it’s a very
appropriate title since I wrote it in Nashville, and it goes with feel of the

Lamitschka: Please tell us about the songs on your album (influences,

I started writing these songs a few years after I moved to
Nashville and just slowly put the album together. Nashville had a big influence
on me. I’ve never seen so many great musicians and writers in the same place
before. I spent several years just going out and soaking up as much of the
music scene as I could. Seeing people like Jason Isbell, Deer Tick, Rayland
Baxter, Chris Stapleton and so many more. They all had a really big influence
on me and hopefully some of their greatness spilled over into my record.
Lamitschka: What is your favorite song among all the songs you have recorded
and what’s the story behind it?

I think “She Won’t Fall” is the best written song all together.
It just talks about the struggle to find one’s soulmate and I think that is
something everyone can relate to. The line “she won’t fall, and I can’t stand”
pretty much sums up my dating life.
Lamitschka: If you had the chance to change something about the music industry,
what would it be?

I wish the artists, songwriters, performers made the majority of
the money instead of the industry.
Lamitschka: What inspired you to become a songwriter?

I was fortunate in that my Dad introduced me to a lot of great
music when I was young. The Stones, The Beatles, Allman brothers, Led Zeppelin,
Pink Floyd. That had a really big impact on me, and I wanted to be just like
them. I guess I still do. 
Lamitschka: What’s unique about you that will differentiate you from other

Probably my voice. It has a rasp to it that evokes certain
emotions along with the way my songs are crafted. Hopefully I make you feel something,
and I think that’s what music should do.
Lamitschka: When you get time off, how do you like to relax?

I like going to a good show with friends or just having
cocktails with friends.
Lamitschka: What’s your favorite song that you wish you could have recorded?

“Angel From Montgomery” by John Prine. I was born 50 miles from
Montgomery, AL and I’m a big John Prine fan.

Lamitschka: Many music fans today get their information about artists online.
Do you have your own website and what will fans find there?

Yes, my website iswww.benbrooksmusic.com. You can find out everything you want to know
about me there. My bio, photos, music, interviews, upcoming shows, social media
links, etc. Check me out.

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