April Taylor is Back!

Ready to hit Nashville hard, April Taylor is in the studio putting together an album that is sure to raise the bar.

April Taylor Front Nashville, August 3, 2011 –

The name April Taylor might sound familiar but her music sure won’t. Yes, she’s bringing back her amazing vocals but they will be reaching new heights. It’s a new revelation of music for April. It wasn’t that long ago that April Taylor began making a name for herself in the music industry. With multiple singles charting on Music Row she is a seasoned artist ready to reclaim her rightful spot in Nashville. Her single “I Wanna Live Like That” reached number 21 in 2007. The year 2008 was also incredibly successful for April as she was named Music Row’s Top Female Independent Artist of the Year. After a three year break she is back in the studio again. Her new album, produced by Ron Corneilus, CEO of Gateway Entertainment Inc., shows April’s no holds barred side. Ron has high hopes for April and says “April Taylor is not only a gifted singer, she has that extra personality trait that sparkles from the first time you meet her.  I had the feeling right from the start that, on stage, she would put it all out there – – and believe me, she does. We are in the process of delivering a true ‘arrival’ album on April and she will be able to compete with the best.  Major publishers have come forward with ‘Top Drawer’ material and the initial sessions have totally excited everyone involved. To her fans and future fans, I can say one thing – – GET READY!” Since day one April has had a loyal following but they have yet to see the total package!  
April took the stage at B.B. King’s this June during CMA Fest. Gene Higgins, President and CEO, of HMG Nashville noted April’s talent and knew she was destined for big things. Gene says, “Her live performance was incredible and she had a stage presence that everyone noticed. She’s a true performer and artist.” April and her manager, Renee Valdov, have since teamed up with HMG Nashville. Together they have set up a plan of attack on the music industry. New sound, new music, and new videos.
April’s fans got a small taste of her revamped style when she shared the stage with The Band Perry last month. That very day April was asked if she would return in 2012 and she has already added that to her calendar. April is a solo artist but she travels with a full band that rocks out as much as she does!  With that amount of talent on the stage April’s team can undoubtedly say there are some good things to come. April’s first single from her new album will drop this Fall. She is currently scheduling tour dates locally, nationally, and internationally. April is going global! Be on the lookout!

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