(Nashville, Tennessee) –August 13, 2012 –Breaking new country artist Angela Hesse arrives on the new music platform this week with her debut CD release “Bittersweet” (ASH/HMG Music) introducing one of the freshest new faces and voices in the industry.
With her intro single “Hot Summertime” currently
connecting with country radio, the beautiful farm raised blonde from
Minnesota who cinched a college degree in music before hitting Music
Row, proves that ‘country’ is more than just a geographical
location—it’s a state of mind.
Leading with “Hot Summertime” her new eleven track set is worth the
price of admission to the opening of what promises to be a lasting  in
Nashville for this new career.
“Bittersweet” also offers Angela Hesse an excellent chance to
exercise her newly forged relationship with BMI. She has written seven
of the eleven tracks  on the new project and in doing so has given a
first glimpse of herself as a diversely creative songwriter capable of
putting herself ‘out there’ for listeners.
Her song selection on “Bittersweet” paints both a rich–sometimes
fun–self-portrait of her own life experiences and emotions, as well as
addressing issues she hopes to bring light to bear on—from suicide and
human trafficking to a bonus track “He Smiles” –the proceeds from which
Angela is earmarking for the work of the American Cancer Society.
It’s a song she’s passionate about.
“My mother and grandmother both had cancer when I was quite young,”
she noted in a recent interview. “The day I came across the story that
inspired the song –a very touching story of a young person who had lost
their battle with cancer—I went to the piano and this song instantly
came to me. I hope it can be a song that gives back good for a wonderful
cause for a cure.”
Stand-out tracks also include her next targeted single, “Burn Baby,
Burn,”  the decidedly teenage slanted fun of  “Like Pop Rocks,” and
Angela’s homage to her singing idol Patsy Cline with her fresh rendition
of the Cline classic “Leavin’On Your Mind.”
Full track list includes:
Hot Summertime
A Boy I Used To Know
Which One of You Boys
Cut Loose
Burn Baby, Burn
You Make Glitter Rain On Me
Little Things
Like Pop Rocks
Leavin’ On Your Mind
With “Bittersweet” Angela Hesse offers country music audiences a
full-on introduction to her world –and the first steps on a career
journey that promises to be memorable for both the artist and her
Resource Angela Hesse online:
Angela’s video performance of “Hot Summertime” is now being promoted nationally by Nashville based Aristo Media.

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