Angela Hesse – Angela Hesse

Hesse – Angela Hesse
Summertime 4:15 Burn Baby Burn 3:54
One of You Boys 2:54 Cut Loose 3:26
Make Glitter Rain on Me 4:15 Bitter Sweet 3:42
album opens up with Hot Summertime. I guess I was tired;
having spent the entire afternoon at the playground. I don’t know,
but right off the bat I felt I just wasn’t into it. Well, only six
songs I thought to myself. The first song just came off as too much
‘pop’ and not enough country or even soul to it.
Baby Burn
came on next and I was already in a sour mood, but
tried to trek on through. The piano was nice. “Uh oh.. Just
wait…You can do it” I said out loud, in one of those weird Adam
Sandler movie voices.
threw my headphones down, shook my head, rubbed my ears, and opened
my mouth and eyes just trying to stretch out my face and head. “I’m
not being fair. I’m just not in the right mood. I need to be fair.
I’ll just go to sleep and try again tomorrow,” again the words
actually crossed my lips.
You Make Glitter Rain on Me begins playing. Is this the same
album I was listening to? It can’t be the same artist as last
night. The headphones are on and they’re going to stay tonight. A
nice soft melody, just what I need after a hard day of work. Just
listening makes me feel calm. It brings me to that place that I need
to be. The noise of the day seems distant; the boss at work, the
telephone ringing with too many robo-calls. Now, they have gone and I
wish the music wouldn’t ever stop.
another tune come on, and maybe I’ll feel the same as last night.
Nope, Bittersweet comes on with some great lyrics and some
fond memories of youth. The pictures that are driven in the mind seem
to sweep you back to those days before all of the responsibility that
comes in with the ‘adult’ world.
back through the tracks one by one only reinforces those feelings.
This girl, I’m sorry real woman has it all; the looks, the lyrics,
that friend zone feeling that you would never want to give up. I’d
buy her a beer. I’d help her polish off that bottle of Jack and
would hope she would allow me the pleasure of cutting loose with her.
I’d recommend this album to anyone. As a matter of fact, I’d also
suggest that everyone goes and likes her Facebook page. Take a
listen, watch her videos, and introduce her to your friends. I bet
that your friends will all remember who first suggested her album to

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