show was planned for 08.00 pm, but started later, at 10.00 pm and
would go to Midnight…..
fulfilled the room, mystical music started with upcoming fog ……..waft
of mist….crawling from the stage, like a waterfall down…on the
dance floor…that was completely empty…. Very slowly the fog reach
our feet and crawls further through the room but only 30 centimeters
above the floor…..It is calm and we don´t know what to expect in
the next few minutes….
we heard a voice, seem to appear out from nowhere….a dark voice of
a man……making the intro. I was so surprised, because for me, it
was a very familiar voice – it was Kenny Lee from Nashville
Then you see a shape in a long, black cape,
the face mantled…two other shadows in capes appear all out of a
sudden…they stand very calm next to the first one, to the left and
right side of that indefinable character.
the voice calls out loud……here comes the Dutch princes of country
The next thing you see, is that the
two shadows ripping of the cape and there she is Amber Jo Ann….in a
beautiful, short, red dress, with a heart shaped top, full of
sparkling little stones, like diamond equipped and flowing fade into
a ballerina skirt…with these gorgeous red high heels…looking like
clot with heels underneath…and also jeweled.
can´t find words for this, it was so beautiful and really
Next to her, a beautiful vocal singer, with
long dark hair and 6 band members, all professional musicians. Amber
Jo Ann performed in an amazing way, she was singing 4 songs and then
she left the stage, meanwhile her band kept going on with the music –
and a solo of her bassist….
next appearance of Amber Jo Ann, was in a black outfit with a top
studded with golden rivet and leggings, out of rag and leather…and
of course high heels, with golden rivets at the mattock…loved it!!!
She swept over the stage, it was so emotional….then she disappeared
the following Scene, she came with a long coat, with a high collar,
underneath a corsage and boots full of clasp…I wondered, how she
could cloth them all in that short time, because there where so many
clasp….This was again a WOW effect!! She rocked the place, it was
so indescribable, and you could only say WOW, WOW, and WOW!!! She
left the stage again and the band was still playing, while the crew
members building up a kind of living room with two armchairs and a
sofa and two bushel of roses.
band members sat down and Amber Jo Ann appeared in a cream colored,
short dress, I think it was satin, with black lace on the top. She
was sitting on the sofa and she made her show…like a real
professional, with all the emotions you need…..Then she left the
stage again.

she appeared next, she came back with a discreet pink colored
strapless gown, flowing fade into a train of drapery. The top
sparkled with little diamonds, then a kind of a belt like looking
drapery underneath her hips, also full of little diamonds…beautiful
(the dress I describe, is the one on the cover of her CD)!!! She was
singing a few smooth songs and then she disappeared again…and we
thought she comes back and then applause and it would be over.
the scene, we view next…I can´t describe, because it never, ever
would bring back to you that moment, that forever will stay in our
minds. Can´t find the exact words for this extraordinary
got dark again….Amber Jo Ann came back in a beautiful white dress –
a princess worth…..She started singing “The Rose”…
next thing I have seen was…. that sparkling rose petals, came out
of her heart, it seem to me like that, but not only me, a few other
people thought the same…..This rose petals slip down her dress and
spreading down on the floor ….Then out of a sudden….right down
her dress, there started roses growing and climbing slowly up on her
dress…climb back to her heart ….That was a very emotional
in our eyes…even the man had tears in their eyes….the word “WOW”
is not the word for this magical moment…I think we have to invent a
new word for this country music fairytale….a word that stays until
eternity! She got standing ovations from us for that!!! She is a real
star…she deserves awesome obeisance, for what she is standing for –
world wait…here she comes…Amber Jo Ann…the Dutch princess of
country music….!!!

Written by Gabriele
Agrikola for Country Music News International

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