Alyssa Trahan – Baby Blues & Stilettos

CD Review:  Baby Blues & Stilettos – Alyssa Trahan

by Denise Labrie for Country Music News International

We Used to Be Happy

My Favorite Song

Ain’t Ever Goin’ Back

Tell My Heart



Pickle Jar

The Narcissist

Happy Place


Memories Not Dreams

My Biggest Fan

My Turn

We are in a time of reflection and atonement in anticipation of the celebration of the resurrection. I am listening to Alyssa Trahan’s CD, Baby Blues & Stilettos, while reflecting on ways to participate in and embrace the Lenten season.

This up tempo debut country pop CD is uplifting, contemplative  and inspiring. The music has a very good sound and feel to it. Lyrics and vocals are both spot on in delivering for the listener a complete musical CD experience.

We Used to Be Happy

A pulsating intro leads into a great melody and lyrics about a relationship that along the way changed. “We used to be crazy but in the greatest way,” is how I feel about some of the relationships I have had over the years. Sometimes people disappoint us and we are no longer in that happy place anymore, yet we still  recall how we once shared a special bond.

My Favorite Song

A upbeat electric guitar amply supported by dynamic drums opens this song with great vocals to tell the story of a ruined favorite song. As the story progresses, it reveals that a bad experience occurred while the song was playing causing the song to no longer  mean the same as it did before. There is a soaring electric guitar solo accompanied by powerful drum pulses. I’ve had favorite songs that loss their luster due to a broken heart experience.

Ain’t Ever Going Back

“Didn’t climb this mountain just to let ‘em take us down,” the lyrics give inspiration to not give up on relationships if they are worth saving. Guitars rule on this number featuring a mesmerizing long note holding solo while the drums pump out some magic of its own. Vocals and harmonies are righteously tight.

Tell My Heart

Guitar and drums both drive this song from the intro to the crescendo toward the end. “You can’t control where love is going to go,” is so true as I believe love has it’s own course to follow and sometimes in relationships we are powerless in avoiding pain. Nice backgrounds resound in the outro of this song.


A reminiscent carnival sound and feel sets the stage to this song. If you have ever been on a tilt-a-whirl amusement ride then you know how similar it feels to those relationships where you feel like you are  just “going along for the ride.” Background vocals emphasize that dizzying effect relationships can have on your senses. I have found we cannot always hold on and oftentimes we just have to give in to the forces that be.

Pickle Jar

A woman’s independence anthem song. Great guitar and vocals move right along throughout this number. “I can open my own pickle jar,” these lyrics exude confidence in getting things done. To me this song says believe in ourself because no one needs to validate or give permission for you to do what you know you are meant to do.

Memories Not Dreams

A solid guitar entrance that leads into poignant lyrics about living a long life. “Everybody’s time is going to come.” I feel the same way about life “I want to die with memories not dreams.” Inspiring lyrics that make you want to go ahead and do the things now that we always say we want to do, “take that trip and call that friend tell the ones I love I love them again.” The vocals are simply beautiful on this song.

I have thought about many ways to try to be a better person and rise above disappointments and obstacles in life as I listened to this CD. I have a more positive outlook now on trying to build good relationships and life experiences. Baby Blues and Stilettos definitely looks the look and walks the walk with well written lyrics along with commensurate music, vocals and harmonies.  This CD will help you prepare to face your losses, celebrate your accomplishments and look forward to experiencing a spiritual rebirth.

Denise Labrie


Reporting for Country Music News International


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