Aaron Crawford – Honky Tonk Electricity

CD Review: Aaron Crawford – Honky Tonk Electricity

By Stanley Mwene For Country Music News International Magazine

  1. 6 Pack
  2. Calloused Hands
  3. Drunk or Stoned
  4. Fixer Upper Man
  5. Goodbye Ashley
  6. Honky Tonk Electricity
  7. Hotel Lovin’
  8. It Ain’t Complicated
  9. Priceless
  10. This Town
  11. Wedding Day Rewind

Little History of Aaron Crawford

Aaron as the founder and original Cascade Country Artist. He is working hard to bring attention to the country music scene in the PNW by highlighting his unique talent to combine classic country with Seattle rock and roll.

In 2013, he released his first project as an independent artist followed by a well-received second album in 2016.With over 10 years of performances and over 1000 shows, his experience, confidence and passion shine on stage.

6 Pack.  I have seen my mum doing everything for you. Telling everybody I know you are the one. I was in the day dream capitating you in me. In the middle of the picture, I saw then I was alone. Should seen you coming.

Should I have seen I, let me with a warning. In middle of love.  I miss you stronger Give me wholly of you. I do not think she is back to you. Never be a free lone from when I was much I need you. I know nobody tell me what to do.

Then everything is thinking its way. I know nobody will be thinking. My friends do not know this cool these things on. Seen me coming, I seem right. Let me with a warn you, little hope now. I should show you stronger.

Give me wholly you. I will be sit back to you call me a little whiskey Pour me a little. Pour me a little take here. I am feeling alright. Pour me a little whiskey Pour me a little shy. Pour me a little take here. I will feel alright.

Seen me coming, seem right. Tell me with a warning I will be with you tonight. And we sound stronger. I will be over you come six pack, I will be with you. Oh I am gonna six pack with you.

Calloused Hands. This is an amazing love song…. Do you take this warning, yes how you do? I am alone and I am missing you. I am missing dates that are flights. And in early days, making you turn right. I won’t flow, hold on. We are crow done Oh you got out of fry love.

Oh, I am lacking you. Nothing will today without your word. Running down to you, to have left me turn. As we used always be together, where you take the time together. And I cool I once from calloused today.

To the truth, sometimes seems to starve. We manage at least, I could let you know. I am alone so far from you and life has to get on. I know now I need home, for I will wrap you around. Nothing will work today will come without sooner. We need down to you that left sometime.

Let’s always see the way clear. Where you take time to tell. And I could like for caring state. We call always together. Nothing today will come without a word. We are leaning there dreaming of a life sometimes. Let’s always see clear. Will you take that to tell

In a good life to come from calloused state. As you could love from calloused state. Used to tell it says calloused state.

Drunk Or Stoned. This is also another beautiful love music…Looking, lacking where to go, it is you lacking to move. Still, I had been loving you. Nothing wrong on the form but you could lack to take away ‘mum’. New shadow whisked away blues (love almost falling apart).

Calling on, I miss. Give me records of hopes. Give me one more talk. Little smoke, but you need to kiss me, for I am feeling alone. We will go town and enjoy and be strong. You left, still I swear. I feel we went all the same.

Everybody is asking me why you are never around. Just wondering who could never play. I need shadow, please we need to kiss. Could I miss, give me little hopes. Do you feel the same? Give me one more talk. Give me one more small hopes.

But you need to kiss me and give me hopes. I am feel alone. Cold going town, I am feeling cold. While I used to say, better to have you along. Better I ask my way now that I do not know. While I used to ask and say, better I have you along.

Better I ask my win I don’t know. A new shadow still keeps. Could you or mind. Get be a call, so I don’t know if you feel the same. Give me one more talk. Raddle we smoke but it sucks me from moving along. If we could, allow me to enjoy being with .

Fixer Upper Man.  This is also another romantic music. Was travelling using a train on track and I was found alone with another staff I won’t forget. Lend your friend cronies. He gonna give back, broken shot give back. Can he know your cracks? That is the one you have heard on the train.

Given nobody, he helping him. That is nobody you had to stay safe. That is the gentleman. He had to be the fixer upper man. He has the mas that has just to bow This means that I remember before the little star.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, when number one had to call. Give me spade, at least I hope I won’t lose all. That is the man that has to stay, still has to change me. That had to give me something to stay on. I have seen the same fixing the rulers.

Nobody has to give me something to stay on. I see the same fixing the same ruler. I am nobody, you need to give a helping hand. Come fix help me Baby come and fix me. I am a fixer upper man.

Goodbye Ashley. This is an amazing romantic song. The song is talking about how the two love birds wants to mend their relationship which is almost sinking.  You need to change over, why you put a blame on me. Maybe baby when you saw over you saw how cruel it will be over me. I am begging for your attention. I was on my knees. Infarct, I had to mention I never took it seriously.

You led me to non-bear. This really needs a big dream. Goodbye Ashley, I am going to spent too long to love with you. I could be missing your lips. You need both of us we love each other. Talk will hold me; come we sleep together. Now I had to make a new way again.

You always can change me. It is never good without you. I even try to re-arrange things and dress the way you want me to. I want you stay near. Come for another day. Now mats are down inside. Now there is nothing left I can say.

Goodbye Ashley it has been too long to say. I could never be without you. You are really good looking. Maybe you come so that I can have your last lips. I need your bossy talk will hold me. Tell me now, we just talk.

Tell me now, you stay near we must trust. I will need to take you back. You tell me I must pass always been little. Can you kiss me Ashley. So goodbye Ashley though I am going to miss you too long. I could do nothing with you. For me your talk and kissing your lips is a great joy. Goodbye Ashley.

Honky Tonk Electricity. Honky noise oh tops, from chuck holes no more. Start more callouses tissues, what’s the main theme just covered. What you sought to kill her but his mate is here. We can hear word is gone.

Whose country had been here. Stop your do’s, use your brain. Come, come on here is whiskey energy. Does you see this is tight energy. Heavy keen as you passing. That is what matters as you rally. Do not be using one minute that occur.

Oh my cause because you know. Guess what because I know nobody can be your best friend. Stop your bossy train. Come, come on here is whiskey energy. If anyone got figured because I used to say. Stop your boots go back to the race.

Come on, here is your whiskey energy. Everyone must honky yourself. Stop your boots here is your drain emery. Honky tonk here is Tuesday. Everybody must like yourself.

Hotel Lovin’.  This is a loving song…. Talking in purple is not again seeking page. We can still check. A lot of you know the days. While I was taking in, you were taking up firmly taking in. I will rather sit back I won’t’ pull on eyes. Again I am please parking land.

I am still looking mud to you. May you too look back to the flow. It could be, I saw you with little son. You know me and no other son’s. Then tell me your word that touched down. I had to lose you because we knew nothing. That baby, we used a hotel. It pains me taking my money losing so fast.

Leave no fun, we need to move on. Why are you looking right now? No coming back, you know you will lose. Then you get hold on here, you will gonna be to the room. With a little slow son, you know me and no other.

Tell me your word. Last time, you and I sort out to lie. You will lose it all. Nothing can be checked back baby. Who tell nothing Be getting blank blankets. All is lost to you. Baby you will be stuck. Oh keep your hands to yourself.

Many to loot you and nothing happens. I will need to show you. You will lose your son and nothing will happen Tell me your word, as a hero of a man I will ensure you won’t lose all. Baby you lose the loving hotel. Baby you lose the loving hotel.

It Ain’t Complicated.  This is also another beautiful romantic music. You are mourning babe for a changed man for your begging for bags for a long time. You can drive if you want to the little shack back. Or for a while finding a sleek way. Oh, we had no guard rows. No we won’t go, try your best we get slow.

Oh leave back your standing to see. As we used to be with the kids, the dogs and we used to stay. Let’s take a try and get back to our love. We need to take back again. Looking back now to see how we will look up at the kids. We need to find love again and all our dreams.

We need to find ourselves the time we had with the kids. You need sometimes with me. Oh, we had no war we need to go. Try your best to take slow. Oh, will you leave me and I stand to see losing you. I used to see for the kids, the dogs.

Come back, it won’t be complicated. Oh, we are no glow. We wanna go. Try first to take gonna. We need to start to see as we used to be. Let’s take a chance, we give back to our love.

Priceless.This is an amazing song which talks about love which has gone sour. Next reach is coming around. During this for the sun goes day Walking on a den on Mexico. Oh paddle one calling slow. Stop blaming again for your going slow. What you see terms see toast. Oh this prince we met.

During this for just one day Nothing fits for the bad days going on. Don’t ask back for yourself back days. You had been sleeping. Would you don’t be a fool. Don’t sleep alone. You neither know who cares for the sleeping cost. Do it alone.

Ming your own business. Me and your mum, queen has been. I had to but queen the string day. Swap my back for many days. What I kept checking is on the same day. Blow the bank shows you, you will be alone.

You do not need to sleep alone. There you are who care for the cost of you. I do not need to care again. Show your priceless. Go to bank and toast you. You will come baby fool. Who care for the costs. You need to do alone because I am your priceless.

This Town. Did you look for a place I call home it is not a lone map? Will call a tap call there. That could really please a call there. If you can shape your lips, there. This is the time to heed this town. This town will gonna be next to people.

This town gonna to expose each people to next world. We know who keeps on a top. We need those blood ‘nanana’. Keep you left, take a cup tomorrow. This town means to me a lot. This town means no bad and everybody needs calling.

It has been a next town over. We need to fix it man. Could you never be around seen? You need not be next town over. We still have you what we got. We still need to be in next town over. We still need to heed to this town. This town is all of us.

Wedding Day Rewind. In a little while, you touch picking window. But he even knows a little bit late that sneaking back home. Unless you wanna go. Oh I have seen you rush. Bringing no way, call us back. Do not look now good terms.

You are here, tell me all you want. That is fall more one. You can look away, deal one. It is a little bit late that sneaking at the back door, nobody has to know. You can finish your drink, while I hang up at the colds. I think, you are allowed on.

You are in mine, take it may be deal in wedding day rewind. Things fall, more one. Look like dealing one. Led it down you head. That is much left as you wait. You are here, in my take me. You are the one dealing in mine. You are the one look alike dealing the way you are.

You are the one in my heart. Dealing with with a wedding day rewind. Things flow, look alike dealing in one. Look like dealing in one.





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