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26th NORTH CAROLINA REGIMENT – Music On The March – Tunes of the American Civil War


Music On The March – Tunes of the American Civil War
The Girl I Left Behind Me – The Old North
State – Fisher’s Hornpipe – Grand March in Norma – Hog Eye Man – Gary
Owen – New Tatter Jack – Newport – Duke of York’s Troop – White
Cockade/Farewell to Whiskey – Kenderbeck’s – Recruiting Sergeant/Adam
Bell’s March – Old 1812/Hull’s Victory – Bonnie Blue Flag – Granny Will
Your Dog Bite/Old Zip Coon – Come Dearest the Daylight is Gone –
Governor’s Island – Rogue’s March/Yankee Doodle Dandy – Downfall of
Paris – Wait For The Wagon/My Love She’s but a Lassie – Campbells Are
Coming/Do They Miss Me At Home – Empty Pockets/Hell On The Wabash
I’m not real sure where I got this CD, but it’s interesting
to say the least.  However you better like drums and fifes because that
is all that’s on it.  BUT, look at the amazing list of songs from that
time frame they have saved. This is an all instrumental CD of course,
but the songs take interesting twists and turns when they put two songs
together in one playing.  I, like many who appreciate early old-time or
traditional mountain music, will recognize some of the song titles
immediately.  A lot of the music was popular on both sides of the Civil
War, even General Robert E. Lee once said, “I don’t believe we can have
an army without music.” I suspect he is right, however since this is
music from the 26th North Carolina regiment it’s going to be
‘southernly’ in nature.  The original 26th North Carolina Regiment
organized in 1861 served in its home state and with the army of Northern
Virginia until the surrender at Appomattox.  Noted for its valor at
Gettysburg (where it lost about 85% of its men), the regiment maintained
a fine brass band, but also had fifes and drums throughout the war. 
The fifes and drums, along with other elements of the regiment were
‘re-activated’ in 1982 under the auspices of the Society for Historical
Preservation of the 26th North Carolina Troops.  The 26th is now among
the largest single-entity reenactment units in America. They seek to
honor the soldiers of the War Between the States through participation
in ceremonies, living history encampments, and reenactments at sites
from Gettysburg to Shiloh, including programs at state and national
for Country Music News International

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