Zac Brown Band Tour + New Album

Zac Brown Band Tour + New Album
If you expect to get the toes-in-the-water feeling – you will.
If you expect to have a sudden outburst of headbanging-the-night-away – you
will. That’s what you will experience, and everything in between, on Zac Brown Band’s new
album “Jekyll + Hyde”.
When Zac Brown Band turned down several recording contracts
because the labels wanted to have session players playing on their albums and
not the band members and they waited until they had freedom to do what was in
their vision, lovers and fans of freedom of musical creativity won a very
eclectic force and creative unity of music perfectionists.
Genre-purists have a hard time figuring out where to place
Zac Brown Band right now: are they a country band, a hard rock band, do they
play folk or island country? The answer is all the above, sometimes all at once.
On their latest album “Jekyll + Hyde” they are giving music lovers in
general and their fans in particular both exactly what they expected and wanted
plus fused electronic surprises mixed in with it. It starts with a Country Euro Dance Beat
in “Beautiful Drug”. The modern country music fan can indulge in “Homegrown”,
“Bittersweet” and the patriotic reflective “Dress Blues”.
Also in the message song, the love-is all-we-need  inspired “Remedy” – with a Celtic
flare, “Tomorrow Never Comes” – with 80s synthesizers and “I’ll
Be Your Man (Song For A Daughter)”, a ZBB melodic creation with Tex-Mex
If they had not called the album for “Jekyll + Hyde”,
they could have called it “Fused”, since they are marrying so many
styles into their very strong ZBB foundation of rhythmic country elaborations.
A marriage that is a seamlessly woven, intricate musically geniality.
While reviewers and critics are scratching their heads and
continue to ponder what Zac Brown Band is and stand for, the fans keep filling
the stands, seats and venues everywhere they go.
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Shelley Ridge for Country Music News International Magazine

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