Willie Nelson – A Beautiful Time

CD Review: Willie Nelson – A Beautiful Time

By Georgette Diab for Country Music News International Magazine

Willie Nelson’s “A Beautiful Time,” released on April 29, 2022, coincides with his 89th birthday, showcasing his enduring talent and musical relevance. This album is a testament to Nelson’s ability to blend wisdom and wit with his signature country sound.

Musicality and Production

The album features Nelson’s familiar blend of traditional country, folk, and Americana, enriched with his distinctive, weathered voice and guitar playing. Produced by Buddy Cannon and Matt Rollings, the production is polished yet retains a raw, authentic feel that complements Nelson’s storytelling.

Songwriting and Themes

“A Beautiful Time,” is a reflection of Willie Nelson’s enduring artistry. The album comprises 14 tracks that blend humor, reflection, and wisdom. Here’s a track-by-track analysis:

1. “I’ll Love You Till the Day I Die”

Co-written by Chris Stapleton and Rodney Crowell, this track is a heartfelt love song that opens the album with a promise of eternal love. Nelson’s vocal delivery imbues the song with deep sincerity.

2. “My Heart Was a Dancer”

This song features poignant lyrics about lost love and the passage of time, with Nelson’s guitar playing providing a melancholic backdrop that enhances the reflective mood.

3. “Energy Follows Thought”

A philosophical track that encourages positive thinking, its uplifting message is complemented by a gentle, melodic arrangement that showcases Nelson’s contemplative side.

4. “Dreamin’ Again”

A dreamy, nostalgic tune about revisiting past loves and memories, this song’s soft instrumentation and wistful lyrics create a serene, introspective atmosphere.

5. “I Don’t Go to Funerals”

With its tongue-in-cheek humor, this song explores the idea of avoiding the sadness of funerals. The upbeat tempo and playful lyrics highlight Nelson’s ability to tackle serious subjects with a light touch.

6. “A Beautiful Time”

The title track is a celebration of life, embracing both its joys and sorrows. Its hopeful message and melodic charm make it a standout, capturing the essence of the album.

7. “We’re Not Happy (Till You’re Not Happy)”

A witty, satirical song that comments on the nature of human relationships and envy, featuring clever wordplay and a jaunty rhythm that adds to its appeal.

8. “Dusty Bottles”

This track reminisces about the value of aging and experience, likening it to fine wine. The rich, textured instrumentation complements Nelson’s reflective lyrics.

9. “Me and My Partner”

A tribute to lifelong friendship and camaraderie, this song features a warm, inviting melody and heartfelt lyrics that celebrate the bonds that endure over time.

10. “Tower of Song”

A cover of Leonard Cohen’s classic, Nelson’s rendition is soulful and introspective. His unique interpretation adds a new layer of depth to the iconic song.

11. “Live Every Day”

An upbeat, encouraging anthem that urges listeners to make the most of each day. Its lively tempo and optimistic lyrics make it one of the more energetic tracks on the album. This song encapsulates the album’s overall message of appreciating the beauty of life despite its inevitable hardships.

12. “Don’t Touch Me There”

With a playful, bluesy vibe, this track is a humorous take on boundaries and personal space. Nelson’s charismatic delivery and the catchy melody make it memorable.

13. “With a Little Help from My Friends”

A cover of The Beatles’ classic, this rendition is infused with Nelson’s signature style, transforming the familiar tune into a heartfelt expression of gratitude and camaraderie.

14. “Leave You with a Smile”

The closing track is a gentle, uplifting song that leaves listeners with a sense of peace and contentment. Its soothing melody and positive message provide a fitting end to the album.

Vocals and Instrumentation

Nelson’s voice, though aged, carries a profound emotional weight, adding authenticity to the album’s introspective nature. His guitar playing, especially the distinct sound of his Martin N-20, “Trigger,” is as compelling as ever, providing a cohesive thread throughout the album. The instrumentation, featuring harmonicas, fiddles, and pianos, complements Nelson’s style without overpowering his vocals.


Critics have praised “A Beautiful Time” for its honesty and emotional depth. It is seen as a fitting addition to Nelson’s extensive discography, highlighting his ability to remain relevant and deeply impactful even in the later stages of his career. The album’s balance of new material and well-chosen covers demonstrates Nelson’s continued evolution as an artist while honoring his roots.


“A Beautiful Time” is a remarkable album that not only celebrates Willie Nelson’s long and illustrious career but also offers listeners a deeply moving experience. It’s a reminder of Nelson’s unparalleled talent for crafting songs that resonate with listeners of all ages, making it a must-listen for fans and newcomers alike.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

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