White Owl Red – Afterglow

CD Review: White Owl Red – Afterglow

Joanna Demee for Country Music News International

Afterglow 3:41

Hold On 4:26

Hell and the Blues 2:45

I Walk the Line (For You) 4:48

Out on the Waters 2:02

Through Is Through 4:06

Tip Top Bobs 2:38

Wake Up 2:36

The Way I Feel Now 2:51

Working Class Heroes 3:08


Once I found the songs in YouTube, I was surprised to see that they don’t just have the lyrics displayed, but also the chords for the song! Thrilled to see that!


It refers to the person who was not only toxic to the singer, but also to the rest of the world. I will take the lyrics “your blood was washed from the concrete”, as a metaphor, for how his heart was released once that person left his life and not that he is a killer, because it will kill the romance in my mind. I like the rhythm and the music. In general they sing country, but I wouldn’t characterize it as such, I would say more of a pop song.

Hold On,

Being confused is normal. Sometimes we have to accept that it will take us longer to heal and put back in order all the puzzled pieces we have in our thoughts. So, holding on in moments and the people with who we created them, may not let us heal. And that’s what the singer in the song sings about.

Hell and Blues,

That title is the feelings of the person, who never thought he would be left by the person he once loved so much. In tears he runs away, and sings about their story. If you’re feeling like that, you’re in a hell and blues mood too, but life goes on and so do we.

I Walk the Line For You,

The title says it all. That country song describes a man who crosses the line to have his woman, who he loves, by his side. He’s afraid of losing everyone he loves and describes that men also have feelings and pass through a lot to keep their lovers and all the people who they appreciate.

Out on the waters,

It’s a happy song sung by a sailor who’s out on the waters and awaits to marry his lover, as he is called to service, and hopes that the woman he loves she will wait until he gets back.

Working Class Heroes,

As there’s a quote for that “not all heroes wear a cap”, here the singer tries to appreciate that the people who work and try to feed their families are the unknown heroes, that don’t back down. The others, who belong in the upper class, are against them and think that the working class is better off dead than having a voice. It’s a song with a strong message, for all the human rights every person deserves to have.

White Owl Red is an alt-country rock/americana singer, that has his own unique style of singing and delivering his message. Check him out and enjoy a nice country evening, and maybe grabbing the old dusty guitar you have kept in the attic and play along with the singer, will make you feel productive.




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