When I See This Bar

Kenny Chesney’s “When I See This Bar” Most Added

Personal Song @ The Places That Mark Who We Are Strikes Chord

“When I See This Bar,” Kenny Chesney’s second single off the deeply
personal Life On A Rock, may be about a very specific place and time in
his life, but it turns out everybody has that place and those moments of
becoming the people they grew into. With a chiming acoustic guitar and
serious melodic build, the song – co-written with singer/songwriter
Keith Gattis – has landed hard at country radio.

With 85 stations on at Country Aircheck’s reporters for
the week’s #1 Most Added designation and Top 40 debut (#39) at
Billboard, “When I See This Bar” resonates in very personal ways for
just about anybody who ever grew up. That fact wasn’t lost on the man
who’s played to over a million people on each of his past 10 tours.

“I think it’s happened to everybody,” Chesney says of the
inspiration for the song. “You walk into a place where you really came
of age, and you look around and realize that nobody there knows anything
but all that happened there with you and your friends. But for you,
it’s all still so real: right in that moment, right in that place. All
the memories rush back – all the fun, all the crazy stuff you did, all
the lessons and heartbreaks.

“Having played it for people since the record came out, I
started to realize: what’s so incredibly personal for me… is just as
personal to every one I’ve played it for. Only they all have a very
specific bar where it happened to them! Hung out with friends, fell in
love, fell apart – and that’s why I figured this did make sense as a
With “Kenny Chesney Presents No Shoes Nation” premiering 9
pm June 19th on Great American Country (GAC), this year’s been
revelatory for the high-energy performer with the highly introspective
songwriting streak. Life On A Rock, his 7th Billboard all-genre Top 200
Albums #1 debut has been earning critical acclaim in publications
ranging from USA Today to Entertainment Weekly, Chicago Tribune to
Washington Post, as well as the current cover of PEOPLE Country and a
Friday Arts cover in The Wall Street Journal.

In addition, Chesney has just shot a video for the song
that captures the feel, the emotion and the moments that help give this
song its resonance. Offstage, stolen moments, rehearsals, it’s the world
of Kenny Chesney that most people never get to witness.

“I think you get to a place in your career where you want
to invest yourself a little deeper, and maybe in a slightly more
personal way,” Chesney says of the inspiration for Life On A Rock and
his new single. “You don’t know how people are going to respond…
especially when you’ve built your career out of being the place people
go to escape all that stuff. But the response has been amazing… We’ve
done the song onstage a few times, and the fans scream like it’s their
favorite song from ten years ago.

“Now with radio embracing it like this, it makes me feel
like this is a good thing. After all, ‘When I See This Bar’ is one of
those places where we’ve all been. Heck, it makes us what and who we

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