Before I started to write this article I went through the Webster to find words that have not been written about Vince Gill, and I must tell you I am almost at a blank, because everything seems to have been written about this great human being.  So I will write what I feel and I hope you will enjoy my thoughts of Vince Gill and what he means to our country music community and to our City of Nashville.
There is no “what’s in it for me,” with Vince Gill.  It comes from his heart, his mind, and love of family, friends, associates, and people in general.  An avid golfer, one of the great guitarist of our times, one of the greatest voices ever in country music.  How many other superstars can you count on your 10 fingers who welcome the chance to sing with other artists with no gain, but to lend his time, talents, and friendship, to another superstar, a legend, or an upcoming artist.
On October 13, 2011, Nashville Mayor Karl Dean declared the entire week from Oct. 10 thru 17 officially Vince Gill Week.  I have lived in here for over 40 years, and I don’t recall any artists getting this type of tribute paid to them, but this one is rightfully deserved.  Mayor Dean said, “His big heart is amazing, and his talent as a singer, songwriter and musician have made a remarkable mark on the city, and he does it with grace and humor and usually while wearing a Predators jersey.” “AsVince writes in his song “What You Give Away,” the measure of a man is one who lends a hand.  I think of few others who lend a hand as Vince does to make Nashville a better place.  On behalf of the people of Nashville, thank you.”
This is the Vince Gill that all of us know.  He is generous with his time and talents on an unlimited scale.  I am one that can attest to this from first hand knowledge.  When he was having a difficult time with a bad knee, and R.O.P.E. was paying tribute to his long time friend and steel guitarist John Hughey, I asked him if he would consider coming to our event and saying hello to everyone, and if he felt like singing a song, we would appreciate it.  At the time I asked him I did not realize that he had problems with his knee, but he accepted, and came to the banquet and stay for a long time and performed the song he wrote for John.  There are so many wonderful stories of Vince Gill great deeds, that it would take a book to detail all that he has done for our Nashville community and our music industry.  And to say that he is a sports nut, would be an understatement.  I see him at most of the Predators hockey games.  He is not like me, because I am one of the crazies and he is a super fan. 
I wondered just how much I would write about Vince Gill, but there is no amount of space that would cover his great career, his goodness, his family values, his compassion, and his love of his trade.  He has helped so many to believe in themselves.  He is a true superstar, super Dad and husband, married to another superstar, Amy Grant.  They are a cornerstone of our industry, and I feel in my own way of saying this, that Vince is possibly the glue that holds our industry together.  He is involved in the music in all forms.  Vince might not look at himself in that way, but I am speaking from what I see.  He is one of the most gifted musicians, songwriters, singers, and entertainers in all music genre’s.  ONE OF A KIND.
A 20 time Grammy Award winner, he will be the Grand Marshall for Nashville’s 59th annual Christmas Parade at 7PM on December  2nd in downtown Nashville, and he will also light thee city’s Christmas tre in the Public Square Plaza. 
Before I forget, beginning October 24th, go to your local record shop and get a copy of Vince’s new album, “Guitar Slinger,” and if the title of the album is any indication of what this grouping of songs will be, you can bet it will be awesome, because Vince Gill is a guitar slinger.  I have not heard an album of Vince’s that was not great.  He is the classic proof that good guys finish first, and he has been first in our hearts and music for many years, and many years to come.
We have been blessed to know him and to be proud of him.  If you are ever in the same area that he is, you will find him able to talk to, will sign an autograph and take a pix, and there will be no manager telling you that you cannot bother him.  He is a peoples person, always has been, always will be.  We have all seen him shed tears at the loss of someone he loves, or someone in our industry, especially John Hughey.   His song “God Rest High On That Mountain,” has become a standard for the world.  I see a man who feels the hurt of those around him, and tries to ease their pain however he can.
I wish all of mankind would take a lesson from Vince Gill, and I know we would have a better world.  I wrote this article because in some way I owe him for all that he represents in life, and I feel that the only way I could spread his word is to write about him, and tell him thank you, thank you Vince for being who you are.  You carry the flag of integrity, honesty, compassion, and love of family and life.  You have been a hero to me, and a guide that I try and follow toward my fellow man.  Recognition is not a part of who you are, you are just Vinny Gill-oh yeah, and A SUPER PREDATOR FAN.
I wish that I could have written better words to describe how great a human being that you are, but I will just say, “Thanks Vince.”
Marty Martel

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