Two Concerts – Multiple Highlights. The Last Two LP Field Concerts.

Two Concerts – Multiple Highlights. The Last Two LP Field

In spite of the heat during the day, country music fans
proved that they are the most loyal fans in the world by filling LP Field up
after a day in the sun. The stadium was buzzing like a happy bee from people
that love their country music and artists.
The highlights of the two last concerts were many,
but two
things that really stood out among the to perfection rehearsed shows
were when
during Chris Young’s “Tomorrow”, the crowd spontaneously lighted up
their cell phones to show the love – he felt it to, you could see that
on his
smile – and the other was when Keith Urban made his way through the
audience to
perform on a tiny platform one section away from the stage.  He then
signed his guitar, grabbed a hand that
was one among twenty reached towards him and made sure that the person
hand belonged to would be the one to have his guitar.  You could feel
the love then too.  That’s one very genuine guy.  Well, I said two
moments, let’s make it four: Neal
McCoy knows how to get a sleepy stadium that just have had dinner to
wake up
and be with it and on their feet dancing in a heartbeat.  If there was a
prize for Best Opener, Neal
McCoy should get that award, he deserves it. Then there’s this
phenomenon with
a particular song that you can hear sung wherever you go and no one ever
tired of hearing: everyone, and I do mean everyone, sang along to “Wagon
Shelley Ridge for Country Music News International Magazine
 Brad Paisley
 Chris Young
 Cole Swindell
 Karen Fairchild in Little Big Town
 Keith Urban playing guitar out among the audience.
  The One And Only Wynonna.
The Very Entertaining Neal McCoy

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