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news in traditional and classic country music, not the least being the
continuing investigation into the death of Hank Williams, Sr.  As most
of you know, Jett Williams husband Keith Adkinson was developing an
entirely new focus on Hank’s death, one that indicated he was not
overdosed by drugs, but rather by the fact that he was beaten to death. 
Then Mr. Adkinson suddenly passed away.  Among his many endeavors and
investigations he spent a great deal of time talking to Charles Carr,
one of the 17-year old boys who was driving Hank that fateful night. 
Now Mr. Carr has passed away from what the newspaper says…a short
illness.  The other 17-year old driver, and apparently a military man
who hitched a ride that night are still mysteriously missing in this
story.  Where it’s going to lead is anybody’s guess, but what Adkinson
was working on is that Hank didn’t die from an overdose of drugs, but
rather, according to a coroner’s report, he was beaten to death.   This
will undoubtedly be a continuing story.

Lots of neat things to see and do this coming week and
weekend in Iowa, but one that stands out is the 29th Annual Stratford
Bluegrass Festival coming up Fri-Sat-Sun, July 12-13-14.  Performances
Friday night, Saturday afternoon and night, with a community church
service Sunday morning and a Gospel music sing.  Terry Smith will be
there on Friday night only.  Special Consensus is there Fri & Sat,
Volume-5 from MS on Sat only, Punches Family from MO Sat & Sun,
Bluegrass Addiction from IA Fri-Sat-Sun, Copper Creek from MN
Fri-Sat-Sun and Bobby Awe and Dale Eichor with fiddler Jay Kelly from NE
and Dobroist Jack Ferguson from IA on Fri-Sat-Sun.  The event is
presented by Stratford Stride, a non-profit community betterment
Terry Smith, the composer of “Far Side Banks of Jordan”
for John & June Carter Cash, is going to be very busy in Iowa.  He
will be at the Iowa Theater in Bloomfield, Iowa on Aug. 1, at the Oak
Tree in Anita Aug 2-3, and the Rec Hall Theater in Carroll for a 2pm
matinee on Aug 4, followed by a 7pm show at the Wall Lake Baptist
Church. Seats for these dates fill rapidly, we highly recommend
reserving seats at 712-762-4363
In Terry’s recent fan-club magazine he says…..”I learned that ‘Ring
of Fire,’ a new movie that traces the life of June Carter, premiered on
TV on May 27th.  I haven’t seen it, but I understand that “Far Side 
Banks of Jordan” is played in its entirety toward the end.  Either
because I’ve become too jaded or too busy, I don’t seem to savor the
‘little victories’ that come along from time to time.”  But
still….it’s magnificent that this song is in the film.  His next
appearance in Iowa is………..
address for your gps is 11584 Polk Ave.  This is a super neat farm
location for a festival that is organized to raise money for the
Damascus Road Ministries, and Mark & Cheryl have been doing this for
six years now.  Dates are July 13 & 14 from 10am to 10pm.  Along
with the incredibly gifted TERRY SMITH, you will also get to hear Rick
& Harriette Andersen, Pat Boilesen, Vail Boller, Paul Burnett,
Francis Hahn, Marge Lund, Lee Muller, Elaine Peacock, Russ B Vande
 Vegte, Jackie Shewey, and Bob & Sheila Everhart.  That’s a terrific
line-up, and lots of fun in the tree arbor where the stage is located. 
Good down-home farm food available at their little restaurant-café (ALL
of the profits from the food stand go to the Church of the Damascus
Road and to Prison Congregations of America), and a reminder that you
should bring your own lawn chairs for your own comfort. 
Tom Perryman of Tyler, Texas, who does a great classic and
traditional country music radio show, has received news that he will be
awarded the Pioneer Broadcaster Award August 7 & 8.  During the
awards show, the Texas Association of Broadcasters will present the
Pioneer Broadcaster of the Year Award to Tom.  Another broadcaster of
classic and traditional country music is George Riddle in Marion,
Indiana.  George began singing at a very young age with his brother Walt
on local radio stations.  Upon hearing that George Jones needed a
harmony singer, he auditioned, got the job and traveled for over 5 years
with Jones.  He also has written many songs for other artists.  You can
tune in and catch him online at on Saturdays from 6am-11am
Indiana time.  He may even have his guitar with him and play and sing
for you while on air, so give him a listen, you won’t be sorry.
You might also get to hear Bob Everhart on air via Allen
Karl’s radio show in Maryland on Thur., July 11th, 1pm CST.  Allen is
the founder of Century II records, does a television show in Nashville,
and is coming to LeMars, bringing along the very
popular Donna Cunningham.  The program is called ‘Allen Karl’s Country
Corner’ and emanates from Maryland, but it is aired on the CMP Radio
Network, the Country Music Planet, and Jerry Mac Enterprises.  I’m sure
all of that is internet accessible but I don’t quite know how to
accomplish that.  Anyway you might try finding it and listen in, we’ll
be talking about the LeMars Festival a lot.
Speaking of the LeMars Festival, as we get closer now, we
always need to fill in where some have left, and create new for those
coming for the first time.  There’s always a need for the following, and
of course that garners you a free 7-day gate pass for all who help and
sometimes even RV parking if you help all week.
     SOUND MONITORS – We couldn’t afford the pro-sound
people anymore so we set up our own systems, but we always need someone
to watch over them, learn how to do sound, etc.  We have two systems we
need help on.
     MC’S – Master of Ceremonies come and go, and sometimes
we lose them as they go to a much higher place where the music is a
whole lot better.  Anyway it’s not hard, just keeping the performers on
schedule and filling any open spots that might happen for whatever
     TOILET PATROL – This is probably the most important
opening.  You have to keep the toilets clean and supplied with paper
which we provide.  Not hard, about twice a day does it, and this one
includes RV parking for the week.
The painstakingly precise process of installing windows in
the future Birthplace of Country Music Museum in Bristol, Virginia, is
nearing the halfway point.  The $10.5 million renovation (wow, we sure
aren’t talking about the Pioneer Music Museum here), of the historic
former Goodpasture Motors building in downtown Bristol began earlier
this year and is scheduled to be completed in December.  Installation of
the museum exhibits is expected to begin in January and the facility is
scheduled to open in August of 2014.  About 35 workers from BurWil
Construction were busy spraying a sound-deadening material on the
ground-floor ceiling, bringing in supplies and continuing the process of
securing windows.  Had another news item sent me that says a Virginia
Intermont College professor will lead the museum in Bristol. Jessica
Turner has been named director and head curator of the Birthplace of
Country Music Museum.  She says she will make the museum fun,
informative, and educational but she will remain on the faculty at
Virginia Intermont with a reduced course load, she teaches cultural
heritage studies and public arts. 
You might remember Steve Martin as a wild and crazy guy
from Saturday Night Live, or perhaps as one of our best banjo
enthusiasts, but he’s also a lucky one.  A stranger found his wallet on a
Pennsylvania street and returned it to the entertainer.  Martin
apparently lost his wallet while bicycling before performing in
Wilkes-Barre.  Will  Beekman, programing director at the concert hall
where Martin performed, says a man working on a city street found the
wallet and contacted the concert hall to say he’d found it.  Martin
insisted on thanking the man in person.  Steve Martin and the Steep
Canyon Rangers featuring Edie Brickell will be performing July 21 at 7pm
at the Peter Kiewit Concert Hall in the Holland Performing Arts Center
in Omaha.  Tickets run $45-$100 available at 402-345-0202
Toby Keith’s tour bus caught fire July 1st on I-65 near
Lebanon, Indiana.  The singer wasn’t on board at the time, according to
Indianapolis TV station WISH.  Backup singers and crew member were on
board the bus when the fire occurred, but no injuries were reported. 
The bus was headed back to Nashville after toby’s Sunday night show in
Chicago when the driver saw flames shooting form the back of the
vehicle.  He successfully pulled the  bus over into the emergency lane
after the vehicle lost power.
The Country Music Association has taken some heat in recent
years about so few country music artists inducted into their Hall of
Fame, as well as so much support given to non-country artists involved
in television, radio, concerts, and awards shows.  They also took a
pretty good hit when they stopped calling it Country Fan Fair and turned
it into a kind of all-kinds-of-music event.  After serving as interim
CEO, then becoming the CEO two years ago, Steve Moore has resigned his
CEO position effective immediately. 
Another quitter is Kenny Rogers.  He says it is time for
him to call it quits on overseas tours, but not before he does a gig
alongside Berber musicians from Morocco on the Glastonbury Festival,
which is also calling it quits.  Rogers, who is a young looking 74,
reckons the time he spends overseas may be too much for his family.  “I
have identical twin boys that are nine years old and I don’t like being
that far away from them” the five-time married Rogers said.  “There is a
fine line between being driven and being selfish – I have crossed that
line a few times – and I don’t want to do that to my boys.” 
This isn’t musically related, then again it might be, but
it is to my sensibilities very very funny.  “In Council Bluffs, Iowa, an
Iowa man’s online classified ad offering an oak coffin for sale
neglected to mention the full skeleton inside, so police interrupted the
deal and seized the bones.  This just happened last week.  The Council
Bluffs Nonpareil reported that the coffin belonged to the now-defunct
Council Bluffs chapter of the international Order of Odd Fellows, which
promotes anonymous giving to the poor.  Dave Burstrum placed the ad on
the Craigslist website to sell the coffin for $12,000 because he is
trying to raise money to pay the property taxes on the fraternal
organization’s hall.  Burgstrum said the coffin was made in the 1900’s
and had been used in the group’s rituals to represent death.  The bones
had been in there for years.  “They were just there as long as anyone
could remember,” said Burgstrum, who is one of a handful of remaining
members of the Council Bluffs chapter of the Odd Fellows.  Burgstrum
said lodge records suggest the skeleton was donated by a doctor who
retired in the 1880’s, but Council Bluffs Police detective Michael
Roberts said human remains cannot be sold without proper
identification.”  Go figure!
Lots of things to do and see, so rather than try to categorize them, here they are as I received them…..
The 2013 FARM (Folk Alliance Region Midwest) Conference
will be Oct. 24-27 in St. Louis, Mo.  Melanie Safka is their keynote
speaker, Andrew Calhoun, FARM awards, a DJ showcase, open microphone,
private showcases, and jamming until dawn. Their theme this year is
“Social Activism with a tip of the hat to Bob Dylan.” Sounds
September 28 starting at 6:30pm, the annual Maloney
Memorial Jam at Regency Rehab, 1600 McPherson Ave., Council Bluffs. 
Hosted by Fred Larson and Regency Rehab.  Call 712-525-9789 for questions.
July 12-13-14 Kalona Bluegrass Festival at Windmill Ridge
Campground south of Kalona, Iowa.  The Bluegrass Blondies, the
Feralings, Banjoy, Workshop Band, Highway Home, McPunk Brothers, New
Broom, Misty Mountain Boys, Great Bluegrass Herons, plus a Gospel Humn
Sing on Sunday. Keith Yoder workshops are especially good.
July 20 the 9th annual Heritage Music Fest of country,
gospel, and variety music at Elk Point, SD.  11am-8:30pm featuring Terry
Smith, John & Susan McNeill, Clarence Hayden, Elaine Peacock, Rick
& Harriette Andersen, Wilbur Foss, D J Langel, Bob Baker, Alexa
Griffith.  Bring lawn chairs, roast beef dinners, concessions &
baked items, circle jamming area.  605-356-2069 for information.
July 13 is GermanFest in downtown Syracuse, Nebr.  Street
dance, wine tasting, German entertainment, ribfest, kid’s activities,
and much more.  402-269-7489
Aug. 8-11 is the Minnesota Bluegrass & OId Time Music
Festival at the El Rancho Manana Campground 20 miles west of St. Cloud. 
Outdoor music and camping festival with stage shows, dances, workshops,
showcases, children’s shows, demonstrations, crafts, and good food in
five staging areas.. Features the Gibson Brothers, Junior Sisk &
Rambler’s Choice, Darin & Brooke Aldridge, Claire Lynch Band, New
Five Cents Stringband, Bigfoot, Per’ Near Sandstone, Art Stevenson &
Highwater and many more. 800-635-3037
Sept 8th – Bluegrass & Sprint Cars at the National
Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum in Knoxville, Iowa. Jam session and
soup supper. No admission charge, goodwill donation.
Oct. 24-25-26 – Honey Creek 4th annual Indoor Bluegrass
Festival featuring the Darrell Web Band, at Honey Creek Resort, Moravia,
Iowa. Numerous other bands.
Bob Everhart for Country Music News International

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