Ever since we’ve been doing the “budget-lunch’ thing with
Bobbie Lhea, as we travel around Iowa has garnered us some special
attention, and we’ll now head into parts unknown on our trip to
Texas…BUT, we’ll still manage a budget lunch or two.  The last one at
the Waffle House was pretty good, I must say, but his little story
venture has brought some interesting offers to our house.  Mostly from
Omaha, but just this last week, these are some food offerings we’ve
     Clancy’s Pub, 114th & Dodge, Omaha has ‘Steak Wednesdays”, a sirloin, potato, and salad for $8.99
     McKinneys Grocery is giving $30 worth of groceries for $15 at 215 Enterprise in Gretna
     Fuddruckers at 72nd & Dodge is offering a burger, fries, & a drink for $6 (wow, there’s a budget lunch)
     Little King Subs (by the old market) offers $20 worth of food for $10.
I’m not exactly sure what all you have to do to take
advantage of these offers, but they are open to the public, so I’d visit
their individual websites first before you make a trip.  They offer
some kind of voucher and you have to have one when you go to eat, so
good luck, and let us know if anything good comes of it.
It is a real pleasure to let you know that Janet McBride
was presented an award at the 25th annual American Cowboy Culture Awards
Banquet for 2013.  She received her award at the Annual Cowboy
Symposium and Celebration held in the Civic Center in Lubbock, Texas. 
Janet’s award is in ‘Western Music as one of the top singing and
yodeling cowgirls of all time in the USA, and for mentoring so many
young girls to become great singers.”  Oh yes, I know, ‘I Want To Be A
Cowboy’s Sweetheart” is first and foremost.   We’re going to make an
attempt at bringing some cowboy and western music to the festival next
year, and Buck Helton has agreed to be with us to accomplish this.
Sounds like it might be leading up to something super nice.
If you were holding out to see Loretta Lynn in Iowa this
fall, better think twice.  She has postponed two shows that I’m aware
of, one in Spencer and one at the Paramount Theater in Cedar Rapids. 
She’s canceling because of exhaustion.  She just finished a Canadian
tour, and will reschedule the Iowa shows.  We keep trying like crazy to
get her to the LeMars Festival for Hall of Fame honors, but wow, she is
hard to get a commitment from. We’ll keep trying, and if you know of any
way to reach her, you help too.
Being on the road is not always fun.  Jason Aldean, one of
the newer music artists called country, was riding in his bus, as a man
walked right in front of the bus, instantly killing him.  Happened in
Knox County, Indiana on Highway 41.
Here’s one you might want to go see if you are up Minnesota
way.  Betty Rydell is one of our gifted professional entertainers, and
her Christmas Show is set for December 8 in Hamel, Minnesota at the
Medina Entertainment Center. Don’t have all the details, but I do know
this is going to be a fun show.  Information awaits you at 763-422-0544.  Betty will be doing a special show at the Oak Tree in Anita next summer too, so be sure and watch for that one.
Sheila was watching Dave Letterman on CBS Tuesday night
last (Oct. 29th) and was surprised to see Alan Jackson on as the special
musical guest.  What was different she said, was he was using an
all-bluegrass backing band.  I asked Sheila if she liked it, and she
said it was pretty good.  Somehow Jackson made the bluegrass backing
sound a little bit country too, so maybe there’s salvation after all. 
Keep at it Alan Jackson, with this thought in mind how about letting us
put YOU in America’s Country Music Hall of Fame in 2014. By the way, the
name of his new album is “The Bluegrass Album” appropriately so.  Not
sure if you are into this kind of stuff, but it’s in the news.  Alan
Jackson’s daughter 20-year old Jane Jackson was a passenger in a car
pulled over by Metro Nashville police, and according to a police
affidavit, she was irate, refused to stay in the car, and struck a
police officer in the chest. She resisted arrest, and had to be
handcuffed on the way to her waiting jail cell.  She promptly told
police officers her dad would do anything she wanted him to do.  She
also admitted to having a few drinks before the fracas.
One of the really really good bluegrass bands that has made
three appearances at the Oak Tree in Anita, is doing well too.  The
‘Roys’ are headed for the Grand Ole Opry, well actually as I write this,
they performed on the Opry last Friday, November 1st.  Wow, where’s the
time going.  Anyway, this too will be some salvation for country music.
Maybe bluegrass can take the place of some of the hip-hop; rap;
pop-poop, etc. that has seemed to ‘take over’ real country music.  For
Lee & Elaine Roy however, a performance on the GOO is a lifelong
dream come true.  If you’ve seen this brother-sister act from
Massachusetts (like at the Oak Tree) you already know how tremendously
good they are with their music.  Their current CD “Gypsy Train” is still
getting tremendous airplay, and is #15 on the Bluegrass Unlimited
chart.  Hey you know….YOU helped them along the way when you saw them
at the Oak Tree.  They are probably going to get very busy now, but
we’ll always have the door open for them.
The Oak Ridge Boys will be celebrating their 40th
anniversary tour, presenting a delightful Christmas Show at the Hoyt
Sherman Place (1501 Woodland Ave) in Des Moines on November 30th. 
Tickets range from $40 to $50, but the seats in Hoyt Sherman are pretty
good, so it should be fun.  The Boys will pack as many of their hits
over their 40-year career as possible into the show, and then after a
small stage transformation, they will do their very original and unique
Christmas Show.  Should be fun, let us know how it turns out.
I had to spend some time in the car going to Pender, Nebr.,
and then LeMars to get some information Saturday morning, so I got to
spend some time listening to KWMT Fort Dodge radio.  Normally when we
are so busy on the weekends, we don’t get to listen to KWMT, and if we
did, it was to specifically listen to Dale Eichor as he would spin some
great regional and local artists.  He’s not on Saturday morning anymore,
and I gave the station a good spin of a listen, and the only thing I
can truthfully say about the show, is that it’s VACANT.  That’s not
good.  I did hear some Ernest, and Loretta, and Kitty, and Johnny, and
Willie, but none of their hits, mostly “B” sides or some obscure song
dragged out of their albums.  Not only that, those ‘new’ country artists
I wouldn’t even be able to tell you who they are since they are not
introduced by name.  I suppose this saves money, but one thing
absolutely sure about it, anyone wanting to hear good country music sure
isn’t going to spend much time listening to that computer crank out a
few more songs a few less commercials, and a lot less country.
Might not get another chance to announce this, the acoustic
music jam is still set for Sat., Nov. 9th Noon-6pm at the Boelus
Community Center at 615 Delaware in Boelus, Nebraska.  All local
musicians and the public is invited to attend.  There will be a free
will donation to pay for the use of the Community Center. More info at 308-383-5016.
Some interesting country music news out of Canada.  Hank
Snow will be on one of their postage stamps beginning in July, 2014. 
Shania Twain and k.d. Lang is also on the list.  Hey, what about Anne
Today it is hard to find musicians that still play music
once heard in the foothills and rural areas of the South.  Music that
was sung and heard before the term bluegrass and country music was made
popular on radio and television.  Well, I’m not sure where this is
going, but here’s a bit more of this press release that makes it very
plain that folk music today is not ‘folk’ music.  They go on to say that
original-music folkies are sort of swarmey-whiney artists with very
slow originals all they do.  This release is all about a concert at the
Roxy Theater in Russellville (I believe it is in Tennessee).  At any
rate Matt Kinman, “The Traveling Troubadour” is an accomplished banjo,
fiddle, and guitar player, and currently promoting his ‘Back Porch of
America” video project.  A video production crew from Los Angeles is
apparently following him around as he meets interesting people, plays
music, and learns about the crafts and stories of long ago.  According
to the article, old time music is sometimes referred to as old-timey or
mountain music.  Bluegrass and country music was derived from Old Time
music.  Typical instruments in this genre are the fiddle, guitar, banjo,
harmonica, and dulcimer.  Old time music preserved the traditions found
in the music of the isolated areas of the south before pre-video and
mass media.  Well, so much for that.  I think these folks are going back
even earlier than I do as a Smithsonian recording artist with regard to
what ‘old-time’ music is all about. We’ll try to get this guy to LeMars
and pick his brain if not his guitar for awhile.
Kenny Rogers is going to receive the Willie Nelson Lifetime
Achievement Award, along with Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert.  Well so
much for Old-Time Music, eh?
Bob Everhart for Country Music News International

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