TRADITION BULLETIN November 18. 2013

TRADITION BULLETIN November 18. 2013


As usual, this time of year, not a lot is happening in the world of ‘real’ country music, but there’s a little going on.
Williams Jr. will receive the 2013 “Patriot Award” from Operation Troop
Aid on Dec. 31, when he performs for their New Year bash in Nashville. 
The award is given to celebrities that champion men and women serving
in the American armed forces.
Latest news from Branson, Tony Orlando is bailing out. 
Don’t have any details about that, but maybe the economy is starting to
hurt there too now.
We might have a very special guest at our Fremont Festival
(usually Oct 3-4-5, 2014), but we still do not have a confirmation on
how much they will charge us.)  Anyway Patsy and the Country Classics
from Virginia are planning on being with us.  This is a super good
‘real’ country band, I hope it all works out.
Marge & Arlyn Lund (Marge is one of our regulars at the
Oak Tree Opry in Anita, Iowa) just celebrated their 53rd wedding
anniversary November 12.  I believe Arlyn said the temperature outside
was 16-degrees, but I’m sure they’ll keep warm.
George Strait sold his cowboy boots for $130.000 at the
Tapatio Springs Golf Course in Boerne, Texas, and went on to raise an
additional $295,000 for a total of $425,000 to benefit David Feherty’s
“Troops First” Foundation.  The Foundation provides meaningful
assistance to military members who have been wounded in Iran or
We had received word on November 10th that Ray Price was to
leave the hospital after two months treatment for pancreatic cancer. 
Just got a note from Pat Boilesen informing us that Mr. Price is still
in the hospital and has to stay there an additional 17 days because an
Obama Care rule on Medicare requires confinement to the same care center
for 30 days receiving dialysis as an out patient BEFORE the doctor can
write an order for the dialysis to even take place.  Whaaaat?  Ray Price
recovered from Sepsis infection, but has kidney damage even though they
are now functioning.  Wow, this Obama Care thing just simply doesn’t
work for America.  Mr. Price should have already gone home, where he
wants to relax in his own easy chair.
If you haven’t seen the Darrell Brothers “Mountain Twerker”
on Face-Book, you missing something, that’s for sure.  It’s a tongue in
cheek slap at Miley Cyrus.
Interested in folk music, Arlo Guthrie will be performing
at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, Arkansas, on March 29th, next
year.  $30 admission price.  It’s their first celebrity performance of
the year.
Do you remember Bobby Gentry?  “Ode To Billy Joe.”  She’s
going to be honored in her home state of Mississippi with a marker on
the Mississippi Country Music Trail.  She was born Roberta Streeter in
Chickasaw County in 1944, making her 69 years young.  She had several
other hits, including “Fancy” and “Mississippi Delta.”  I’ve tried for
years to find a communication method to her but failed every time. 
Maybe someone who can go to the presentation could tell her we’re trying
to get her in our Hall of Fame.
Remember David Holt?  He was on my IPTV show some years ago
and also worked a lot with Doc Watson.  He was just awarded the first
Heritage Hero Laurel on the 10th anniversary of the Blue Ridge National
Heritage Area.   Holt said “It’s foolish to go into folk music for fame
or fortune, you do it because you love it.”  Oh yeah, look at the
millions Bob & Sheila make.  You might also remember Holt, who was
in the movie “Oh Brother Where Art Thou,” at the courthouse scene where
the mob is going the hang the cow killer Baby Face Nelson.  Holt is the
silly looking/acting guy playing the mandolin in the parade.
That reminds me of when Rick and Harriette Andersen were in
the bank in Underwood, and a hold up guy came in.  He ordered everybody
to turn around and demanded all the money.  As he was leaving he
noticed someone looking at him, so he shot him.  He turned to Rick who
was looking far away and asked him if had got a look at him, and Rick
said “no sir I sure didn’t, but my wife did.”
Barbara Combs is the mover and shaker behind the PMECI Club
over in Des Moines.  She recently had heart surgery, but is back home
and doing fine.  She is going to take on the additional work of the
club’s monthly magazine which has gone through a very nice fixing-up. 
Lots of color now, and much easier to read.
Ron Wilburne our good friend in California (you might
remember he came to LeMars with his dad Dave.  Great duet singing.  Ron
was once in the New Christy Minstrel Singers.  Anyway there are samples
of his singing with the Riverbend Folk Band on Reverbnation.  Find him
there and take a nice refreshing listen to some real folk music.
Great upcoming 25th Reunion Gospel Song Festival coming up
Sunday, November 24th.  You’ll get to see performers from the original
line-up 25 years ago, including: Bill Hendren, Bobby Awe & Dale
Eichor, Bob Johnson, annie & Terri Avery, Marilyn Janssen, Gary
Brandt, all starting at 3pm at the IRP Theater in Rowan, Iowa. 

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