have slowed down considerably on the country music scene, ‘real’ or
otherwise, and probably won’t pick up until after New Years.  At any
rate, here’s a few items I managed to scrape off the lap top screen
before it slows down to a snail’s pace.
Jim Ed Brown, in America’s Old Time Country Music Hall of
Fame, along with his singing partner Helen Cornelius (who is not in
America’s Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame, though we have tried) are
two of country music’s great duet voices.  They have had a string of
hits over the years, and have reunited for their first record release in
over 30 years.    They will bring the beauty of their award winning
voices back to country radio.  Century II Records (this is Allen Karl’s
great adventure) will release their first duet  single in early 2014, as
history repeats itself.  Both Jim Ed and Helen, with new music will
make new memories for their duet team as country music radio embraces
the return of these two major country music artists.
Pioneer Public Television from Appleton, Minnesota
televised Sherwin & Pam Linton’s Christmas Show, December 11th, at
the Royal River Casino in Flandreau South Dakota.  It should be aired in
2014 as a December special.  The same show was earlier taped on
RFD-TV’s Midwest Country.
Newest addition to the line up in LeMars next year, is
Peter Daskalov.  He used to live in Hungary, but now has a home on the
island of Cypress.  He’s a great country songwriter and singer, and
promises to share his great music with us next year.
Like I said, not much happening in country music, but
here’s something different that I totally and heartily applaud.  There’s
an Internet group called “Saving Country Music” which are far more
emphatic than I about the tiresome music called ‘country’ we hear on
radio today.  They have compiled their top-ten list of the worst country
music songs ever, that came out this year.  I love first place winner,
it’s by none other than Blake Shelton, the most un-country act I’ve
personally ever heard.  What so-called artists like Shelton really want,
is to see how many people they can upset, you know, make angry.  Angry
enough to write something about them, even if it’s negative.  Like what
I’m doing right now.  In that respect, I guess he is something of an
achiever, especially if his goal and ambition is to see how many people
dislike him, disrespect him, complain about him, and dispose of him. 
Anyway…’s the list.
1- Blake Shelton “Boys Round Here” best described by the
‘Saving Country Music’ folks, and I quote… “Country rap is a cancer of
western civilization.  This song starts off by violating your ear holes
with the most horrid, chicken scratching ‘Red Red Red Red..Reeeeddd
Neck.  It sounds like Shelton must have directly sampled from the sound
track Satan himself uses, torture the souls stuck in eternal
damnation.”  Well, I probably wouldn’t go that far, but by golly, that’s
pretty close to right.
2- Jason Aldean “1994”
3- Florida Georgia Line “Cruise”
4- Montgomery Gentry “Titty’s Beer”
5- Joe Diffie “Girl Ridin’ Shotgun” If you ‘like’ rap music, here it is in all its glory.
6- Tyler Farr – “Redneck Crazy”
7- Luke Bryan “That’s My Kind of Night”
8- Jerrod Niemann “Drink To That All Night”  Another despicable ‘rap’ song
I was listening to each and every one of these songs, which
were all playable from the list.  By the time I got to Number 8, I
couldn’t listen anymore.  This isn’t even ‘music’ much less country. So,
if you’re a fan of this stuff, good luck.  If you’re not, which I am,
here’s a line from a song I wrote way back in 1980, because I saw this
coming back then.
“Like statues in a graveyard they write lines upon my tomb
singing all their music to the world war baby boom
all the big man music makers think their singing is the best
what they don’t know is their voices is a little prejudiced
all the big man music makers can’t fill the empty minds
they leave their screaming record grooves and super stars behind.

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