Tori Martin Interview

Tori Martin Interview by Christian Lamitschka for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Music has many new fans throughout Europe who may be hearing about you for the
first time. How would you describe yourself and the music you play to someone
who has never seen or heard you?

Martin: Country Music is at the
heart of who I am! I grew up in a small town in Texas (USA) and have tons of
soul in my voice. I’m a very passionate singer and write song about my life!

How was the last year for you? What were your highlights?

Martin: 2019 was a good year and
I received quit e a buzz from my single and music video release for “Living the
Dream.” I also started my forthcoming album in the winter of 2019. To be
honest, I’m a very forward thinker, and I’m all about 2020 and everything that is
happening soon!

What is your latest CD and how’s it doing?

Martin:  I’m still in the studio
finishing up my forthcoming album, Lucky.
It’s going incredibly well! We are working hard to make this album everything
we’ve dreamed of and more. The way we see it is if it’s not our absolute best,
then we’ll wait to put it out! It’s made me very excited and proud of this

How did you choose the title for the CD?  Is there a story behind the

Martin:  I don’t want to dive too deep into the story of the
album yet. 😉 There are quite a few reasons for choosing Lucky for the name… one being it’s exactly how I feel to do what
I love every single day!

Do you write the songs yourself? If not, how do you go about finding the songs
for your CD?

Martin:  Yes, I have worked hard
to become an Artist-Writer and enjoy the songwriting process. I have co-written
every song on the album.

Please tell us about the songs on your album (influences, etc).

Martin: This album will show my
fans just how much of a chameleon I am when it comes to music and influences.
Country music is my all time favorite genre but I have never limited myself to
only loving that genre alone. I have quite a bit of soul and pop influence in
my voice. Some of my favorite artists who have influenced my sound is Whitney
Houston, Dolly Parton, Stevie Nicks, Dixie Chicks, Joss Stone, Faith Hill,
Aretha Franklin. I could go on and on!

What is the difference between your last CD and your current one?

Martin:  HUGE difference. My last
EP was put out before moving to Nashville. While I still love the songs and
recordings, it was a completely different season in my career. Now more than
ever, I know who I am and what my sound is. I’m very excited to share it with
the world.

Your current single is being played by radio. What do you feel is special about
this song that makes people want to hear it?

Martin:  “What Would Dolly Do?”
Is my current single! To me, it’s pure magic and so relatable. It’s about
country music’s queen and how her music/life can help inspire you like it has
for me!

What will your next single be?

Martin:  I haven’t announced it
just yet, so keep your eyes and ears open! 😉

What kind of songs do you like to record the most?

Martin:  I love to record power
ballads. I’m a big singer and it’s one of the most fun things to record. My
producer, Bill Warner often encourages me to have a “soul explosion” in the

You did a duet with ________________. How did that happen to come about?

Martin:  I did a duet with the Brothers Roberson back in the
day when we both competed in the Texaco Country Showdown!

What is your favorite song among all the songs you have recorded and what’s the
story behind it?

Martin:  Many favorites are to come… but a special song that
is out and you can hear is called “Caged Bird” it was written in a difficult
and transitional time in my life. I perform it a lot and it always hits home
with young adults.

How much creative control do you have over your music?

Martin: 100%! Being an
independent country artist gives me the freedom to completely control my
sound/music and not be stifled by anyone to fit a certain mold. It has taken
some time to really grasp just how valuable that is. I’m more grateful for that
ability than ever.

There’s a lot of work that goes into a number one hit. What did it take to make
it in your case?

Martin:  I’ve had songs reach the top in regional radio. It was
a grind! Tons of radio tours, shows, sleepless nights! I will say it’s not a
walk you can go alone. You need a team of amazing people and I’m fortunate to
have that. Can’t wait to have a #1 on national terrestrial radio.

Do you have any interesting stories about how fans have been affected by your

Martin:  One that comes to mind is a fan who had a sister with
special needs. She was in her thirties and was very afraid to leave her home.
She shared my CD with her sister Tracey and she became a huge fan! So much
so… that she decided to leave to house to attend one of my shows. She began
attending quite a few shows and she found a new sense of freedom! I even
brought Tracey on stage to sing with me one time. It was an incredible
experience and I was honored to be a part of it.

 Photo Credit: Meaghan McBell

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