Top 5 BlueGrass Bands you cannot miss in 2021

BlueGrass Bands you have to check out in 2021

by Snehashree Mandal for Country Music News International


Top 5 BlueGrass Bands you cannot miss in 2021


Absolutely nothing can beat the root music, and it’s taking over the world again quite evidently. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if you could return to root music, this new month from the New Year? What are we waiting for? Bluegrass bands are multiplying each day rapidly and this year with the nipping cold taking over the nation, what could be better than beautiful music- bluegrass that could touch your heart. So, without lingering much around the musical corridors, let us quickly find out the best BlueGrass bands which can make a difference to our spirits in these trying times.


  1. Balsam Range


Yes, you heard it right! 2014 and 2018 entertainers of the year awards went to them. The five-member team, all hailing from Haywood county, western North Carolina, definitely have left a mark of their music. “Aeonic,” who can forget topped the charts and hit the number #1 on the billboard Bluegrass Chart.


For who can forget these lines!


Into the triangle aflame, from the Eighth House, I descend

From the sphere of Pluto unto the distant orb of Mars

Where lust, death and rebirth conjoin in a frenzied dance

Spiraling inwards, where emotions run deep.


  1. Blue Highway


The IBMA 2020 Vocal Group Award went to this fantastic group. The ‘quarter-century-old band’ is how most would like to remember it, touring the entire nation connecting musical kindreds. But last year was a significant showdown when dates frequently got altered, however, the band’s spirit is what keeps it alive and jiving. Nominated for Grammy in 2017, the band has housed many awards for commendable work. Quite an excellent representation of the band comes over, from the charts put forth by the weekly BlueGrass Today.

Meanwhile, before the nation comes back on its wheels again, it would rather be doing good to keep humming these lines from them,


“Don’t waste fond words or sad goodbye 

Lay me down on the wide open plain 

Out beneath the quilted sky 

Where I can see both ends of the train”


  1. Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder


Kentucky Thunder is an out of the box band, and Ricky Skaggs addition makes it so very special. The groups have bagged seven Grammy awards over the ride. Ricky Skaggs was already into his musical journey before the band, and with the band, these bunch of music lovers are almost unstoppable. Singing old and new times together, the band keeps running down the road like ever. With the mandolin in his arms, the latest show in ROMP in the year 2018, was one of the performances you can’t miss.

Yess! You cannot miss the light-hearted feeling till they come back again with new music riding down their boots.


“I grew up in the shadow of the mountains

Where the creeks ran clear and the nine-pound hammer swings

My folks taught me to have pride in ol’ Kentucky

And it wells inside me every time I sing”


  1. Billy Strings Band


New music arises every time a new man rises. A “hummingbird” fluttering naturally by the wind is how some might wish to define Billy Strings music. A guitarist, he has made waves with his newness, and his band is quite known for its speed mixed music. He began early, almost learnt from his dad, before hitting onto the road. A road slayer for long, this band seems to be one you would want to listen to, as life slows down, halting to its health through the first part of the year.


Would you not like to listen to these lines while being away from life’s mire?


“Remember the time we were both eye to eye

and we both knew the reasons why

it seemed like we faced the world on our own

before we collide can we just take a moment

collecting reflections of this

and remember the paths that we chose”


  1. The Grascals


The Grascal is a band from Tennenese, Nashville. The band gained prominence and became known for the bluegrass festivals all across the country line. They are widely known for recreating Elvis Presley’s songs as their cover version, “Viva Las Vegas.” Their first album made it to the Billboard charts and even topped other charts. A fantastic collection awaits to be heard if you have already not heard them.


Do you wish to be the “The sweet little mountain girl?”


“Sweeter than a honey soaking blooming on the vine

You are as blue as the Jack Spring Blue time softer

Than a moon on the front porch swing fresh as

Morning dew on Summer fields of green”


If living your music is something you have been doing, adding bluegrass music can make it better. Listen to these bands all the time as they carry your spirit far away into soothing days and brimming nights. We would go for them; would you too join in?



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